Cows Taking Over | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim

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Eat burgers, save the future.

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Sukeban Haven says:

The only way you can be special is to not say you are. Being special comes unnoticed

Dauren Nuftolla says:

Vegans, flat earthers and anti vaxxers in a nutshell.

Péter Szabó says:

1:50 or watched every episode of Rick and Morty and suddenly she felt she has 200 IQ.

Kindsey says:

I'm going to hell in every religion.

Brian Smith says:

Don’t get that impossible whopper it has more saturated fat than a regular one and probably more sodium

psychiatry is eugenics says:

Psychiatry is a scam

Titus theRubix says:

1:04 “Guys,T-O” and the cows stop firing I just died 😂

Mybrid Wonderful says:

The most narcissistic and sanctimonious people are the pro-lifers. She should just become an Evangelical Christian and pro-life.

Dalonghair says:

You meet a vegan who does CrossFit and drives a Prius. Which does she talk about first?

Gary Zimmerman says:

Wow! Did anyone else recognize Tue cow 8n the middle?? It was Devin Nunes's cow!!!! SHE must have took time off of Twitter to appear!! What a TREAT to see her RARE public performance!!!

Anakin Skywalker says:

If eating burgers was all it took to save the human race, I must be Jesus Christ xD

Truth's Knight_0777 says:

Thank you. It needed to be portrayed.

Cobblytacks says:

Vegans and meat eaters be in the comments section taking this stop motion skit seriously when it's literally just a joke

It's not that deep

Dr. Common Sense says:

"You saved the human race!"

"Aw now I wouldn't feel superior and special anymore." Ok then…

alma brin says:

Oh shut the fuck up

Qbonumber1 says:

White girls

Operational Lecture says:

I don't want to be a vegan anymore

Jake X says:

Wow the comments here are really pathetic and disappointingx

ET Ateliers says:

Aside from how this points out a true fact, I really appreciate how they bothered to animate Katie’s ponytail waving around

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