The ultimate spaghetti carbonara – Gary Rhodes

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Gary Rhodes produces a beautiful creamy sauce, without using cream. Full recipe at –


Marc Ludford says:

Gary Rhodes will be sadly missed
A incredible chef I like corbonnara

Legendary vids says:

RIP Gary Rhodes..
I grew up watching you create MAGIC.
You are a genius and a proper legendary Chef.

gavdr1872 says:

RIP Gary Rhodes 27/11/19 😔

Sabu Miah says:

Rest in Peace Gary Rhodes. Very sad to hear.

Bird Man says:

R.I.P Gary. You brought us some great cooking shows.

Laszlo Mezei says:

As good as it gets… Bravo!

Cherry Berry says:

Satisfaction from everything: chiefs communications, food preparation, food looking and presentation ❤

Edy Tuber says:

thank God Gary has grown up , cutting off that weird ass hairdo 

Alessia V says:

I just wanted to let you know that this IS a carbonara,how do you do it?

tortiraz says:

Jamie Oliver Oil does not approve this recipe at the end..

Woggy Flush says:

The spaghetti carbonara look beautiful, but what I love even more, is the 2 chefs cooking in the garden! With the Roman church bells ringing at 02:50 unbelievable!

Laszlo Mezei says:

Good demonstration…
Laszlo Montreal

filipporosso says:

this is original, finally! 🙂
i'm from rome

odn op says:

a true Italian recipe, funaly :)),,

enzotirone68 says:

Bravi bravi bravi wonderful execution…..and never olive oil on the dish……

andreavda says:

@emouch1 do you put guanciale strips on top of your carbonara ? I don't, nobody does, anyway you are of course allowed to do the carbonara however you want, I'll do it properly

andreavda says:

I just wanted to let everybody know that this is NOT a carbonara, unfortunately a lot of italian people try to imitate italian cuisine without actually successing

coneff says:

Yes! Original Carbonara!

dilbertbambo says:

finalmente, dopo 20 video arriva lo spaghettone alla carbonara!!! quello vero con la guancia!!!

ijuvatar says:

I love the part where he is about to spill his fucking olive oil over the carbonara and the italian dude is like "oh no you le didnt"

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