How to Make Italian American Favorites: Sausage Ragu and Fluffy Baked Polenta with Red Sauce

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Ashley makes Bridget the ultimate Sausage Ragu. Jack challenges Bridget to a tasting of fettuccine. Bryan cooks Julia our favorite fluffy polenta with red sauce.

Make our Pasta with Sausage Ragu:
Make our Fluffy Baked Polenta with Red Sauce:
Buy our winning food processor:
Buy our winning fettuccine:

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Jane Doe says:

The Sausage Ragu looks amazing, it’s literally 3:12 A.M. and now l want Sausage Ragu! I’m not a fan of Polenta. (Notice, I didn’t say “I don’t like it”) Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to eat a delicious (Non-Lumpy) Polenta. When you’ve tried something several times and been disappointed time and time again… You kinda become weary. I never bother to make it myself because my Late Husband was strictly a meat & potatoes kinda guy. But l’m definitely going to give 5his recipe a whirl.

Ralph Craig says:

MILD?! Hot Italian sausage is the way to go, the rest, on the money. I'm eating it as I type…

Brian Smith says:

He is one hot daddy. Woof.

Alan Taylor says:

After a while, Crocodile…great team work. X

Minnie Simon says:

What happened to Chris? My first time watching the show with him

Chris Rees says:


mickeymoosf says:

Please check the pronunciation of Italian words in Google translate.

Kelly Vancuren says:

Define decent amount.

Nidia Danesi says:

Primo, per il vero ragù si usa carne di maiale e vitello, secondo la carne non si deve mai attaccare alla pentola e terzo il ragù va cotto dalle sei alle otto ore a fuoco lento.

J.R. Trevino says:

This show is like a parody of itself.

lourens4711 says:

Bunch of likeable, real people at ATK. One of my fav channels.

glmoore001 says:

This sauce is great stuff, though I did cook the sausage longer to develop more bits on the bottom. I was initially worried about all the Licorice taste. But it turned out Very Good!

Jaqueline Stewart says:

I made this sauce. It is delicious! I am keeping this recipe.


That polenta looks good

Hortense says:

We always called that corn meal mush. Very good with butter and syrup as well. But also delicious with a good Italian sauce. Yum.

Steven Jennings says:

I love Bridget She's just

Christine Dufer says:

I love this show !!!! both of them and to the chefs you guys are soo amazing!! I love your tips and easy delicious recipes that I can make at home !!! just much information I feel like I'm not only learning great recipes but definitely how to be a better cook and make my own recipes !! I could never get fried chicken right and then I watch your show and let my chicken dry out with salt in the frig and then rest again after dredging , I got a temperature to get oil correctly and for the frist time made perfect fried chicken !!! i appreciate this show because it has made me a better cook for my family !! definitely getting your cookbooks thank you and love your show sooo much !!!

Marie Shanahan says:

My mother grew up in Italy, so she made polenta often, but got to say, yours looks better! We got the 'ol "cement pile" on the plate. Like the bricks much better.😉

Lisa Yerace says:

Ya lost me at fennel… 😂 but yummmmm on the polenta

LaSopRAWna says:

in the sauce for the polenta, i take it they discarded the onion halves after it simmered?

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