How to Transform an Inexpensive Cut of Meat into A Flavorful Roast Pork and How to Cook Farro

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Host Bridget Lancaster shows host Julia Collin Davison how to make the best Tuscan-Style Roast Pork with Garlic and Rosemary. Next, equipment expert Adam Ried reviews wine accessories in the Equipment Corner. Then, test cook Becky Hays reveals the secrets to making the perfect Farro Salad with Asparagus, Sugar Snap Peas, and Tomatoes.

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David 6888 says:

Don't try to bake pork loin like that. Miracle does not happen.

Robert Pruitt says:

The problem with boiling the farro like pasta is that you pour a ton of nutrients down the drain.

There is no method of cooking that removes as much of the nutrients as boiling does.(unless you don't drain off the water of course)

Nathan Huynh says:

Dangit, they patented the plastic wrap and rubber band, champagne saver.


Would be interesting to grind ferro into flour add enough vital wheat gluten to bring it up to 15% and make some bread.

Kalitsi Niniva says:

I love farro but I can’t eat it. I’m allergic to wheats. Though the salad will be delicious with quinoa.

The Last Neanderthal says:

Yeah. I love to doctor up a pork tenderloin. I used smoked bacon burned ends that I did on my smoker for the filling. Absolutely to die for. You can also add shitake mushrooms to the stuffing for that extra umami flavor.
By the way, I just love the very methodical way you present the recipes. It’s hard for even somebody that can’t boil water to screw up.

Vanessa carr says:

There is this delicious Mexican dish with that cut. Lomo a la cirhuela. That is made with dehydrated plums, garlic , almonds and red wine. With a reduced wine, carmelized goodness, garlic heaven. yuminess.

Succubusisis says:

The weirdly love how Becky says the back of the bag

Havenice Day says:

😲 kosher salt on pork

Christine C says:

Would this recipe work on a bone-in pork shoulder?

Rene Del pardo says:

Looking forward to non- electric pressure cookers because it’s a whole different game but it works great on grains

Ruby Hofstetter says:

Made this for dinner tonight. Delicious !!!!

Laura Scopel says:

Allicin – a bit like a 2 part epoxy

Robert M says:

They tell you to roll the pork instead of just folding it back the way it was cut. Then they cut away and it is folded instead of rolled and they don't bring it up. I have seen at least two or three examples where they don't do what they tell you to do or they substitute a piece of meat that they didn't show you how to cook so it looks better at presentation. They must be too busy suing Chris to be able to fix these issues. Oh, then it looks like it might be a different roast that they took out of the oven. Look at the pork they tied up and look at what comes out after they are cutting it. They can't manage to do this and it is their job, how are we going to do it at home?

Anuel Jackson says:

I do not like the fact they are using a coated pan to start to brown the garlic in, but they are enforcing the the fact that cooking in coated pans is safe, NOT!!! cancer causing and not to mention they seem to be alcoholics

sirfancypants Mcgee says:

Budget porchetta

Alexander Hayes says:

"That's right, Pan's cold, olive oil's cold, I'm a little cold." Lol 😂

J Garza says:

“So we’re adding pork to the pork?” “We’re adding pork to the pork.” I LOVE YOU GALS!

Johnny J. says:

Hi ATK folks, when zesting the lemon do you guys wash them or light scrub first to clean? And does industry treat citrus fruits w/ food-grade wax like other fruits?

John Nestor says:

She says to put Faro in boing water then reduce and simmer for twenty minutes yet when they go to drain the faro the water is rabidly boiling. Confused are you to simmer or boil for 20 minutes?

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