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How to make vegan spaghetti Bolognese, full of nutritious vegetables and beans.

Find the full recipe here:

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Paul R. says:

Great recipe but why say the texture is meaty thats not want veggies or vegans want to hear Duh!!!

Lulu 38 says:

That’s my friends house in Windsor!!!

Jonathan Pereira says:

Ooo more vegan recipes please I might try this

Annette Atkinson says:

Yass!!! Love it..

Natalie Keatley says:


HotVoodooWitch says:

There's a Scottish specialty company here in the States that intermittently carries veggie haggis; I'd love to try it but it never seems to be available. Regardless, Bolognese is my favorite pasta sauce, so this is inspiring me to put my hand to a veggie adaptation.

David says:

I need to know more about this veg haggis before we do anything

Rae Fit UK says:

I have never come across vegetarian haggis but looks good! supermarkets are doing lots of vegan sausages now though as well- made out of mushrooms or sweet potatoes. This looks yum! plus I think the waitrose chopped tomatoes out of so many of the ones I've tried are definitely the best!

Zaina Punjabi says:

Superb 👍

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