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You’ve sent in some amazing Food Memories, and Jamie has picked Rae’s memory from a romantic holiday in Pisa to recreate – Zuppa Toscana. We spoke to the restaurant, and it’s actually Ribollita, a Tuscan Bread Soup made with Pancetta, Cavolo Nero, Chilli, Fennel and Beans. It’s not the prettiest, but it is delicious! More of your Food Memories are coming soon…

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shorouk nabil says:

Does she really needs that oven and hub

Vehviläinen Lundqvist says:

If we can get that black cabbage, can I use kale?

Zippy Mo says:

Is it just me or did anyone else think those tied up herbs were a massive cockroach in the pot?

Charlie Cho says:


Tyran Vz says:

1:40 – starts cooking

Daniel Melo says:

Recipe starts at 1:40

assertyourself says:

Everybody loves Jamie !

korange69 says:

She looks like somebody who could be the life of the party. Bill… Make this for her. If she cried with Jamie making it… the points you'd score…

Canucks92 says:

so at 3:54 it's not unbelievable it's ummbelievable hahahahahahaha

Samsunk Androit says:

Quit adorable!

Peter2017 says:

Hi Jamie before you say things check out the meaning, minestone soup is a beef stock soup with beans and pasta you nearly got it right but otherwise great stuff

dannywardell06 says:

Absolutely gutted can't enter the compition for some reason, but this soup looks amazing

Food Videos only says:

is it me only hearing this but at 2:12 there is quack sound

いい なない がい がい がなたいい がかわいい says:

alter nervt die alte

Pa V says:

I just want to know where she got that shirt from.

LandRights4GayWhales says:

who was this sponsored by?

cindellednic says:

R.I.P that white shirt

Leonardo Rodríguez Mendieta says:

Jamie, you're amazing.

Josh Garnett says:

what is up with the flat colour grading?

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