Jamie’s Mexican Breakfast | Avocado, Egg & Black Beans | Jamie Oliver & The Body Coach

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A good breakfast is really important – that’s why Jamie is showing Joe Wicks (AKA The Body Coach) how to make his All-Day Mexican inspired breakfast. It’s a delicious vegetarian combo of eggs, avocado and black beans, served up with chilli & lime and it’s packed full of protein too! If you haven’t checked it out already, take a look at Jamie’s Quick and Easy http://jamieol.com/JamiesQuickandEasyYT

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Kati says:

I love yiu for that recepie, so healthy, so delicious and definitely not boring !!! Now i have butterflies in my stomach 😀 :* :* :*

oOoOoo OoOOO says:

the body coach used to be my primary school teacher

Kathleen Engler says:

P.S. I had the perfect salad in Mexico last week but I know I won't be able to make it turn out right without a recipe. It was double portion butterflied grilled orange shrimp over dressed greens with a creamy Chipotle dressing. I don't know what the greens were dressed with that was separate from the showcased dressing. It was culinary perfection that makes you rethink everything about food and how you want to live….

BnardBernoulli says:

getting worried, almost 3 mins in and he hasn't used any olive oi… Oh there it is.

gabriella scarpulli says:

It's not a Mexican breakfast but it looks delicious!!

Sam Santana says:

Lol, canned black beans have under a third the protein per serve than natural.

Tonio Kettner says:

i count 8 ingredients: salt, pepper, oil, vinegar, avocado, beans, chili, eggs

williameva says:

No wonder your restaurant went under. Lol, how is this Mexican?

ganga chana says:

huevos rancheros

Jonathan Berry says:

Russell Brand is looking healthy these days!

Alberto Mejía says:

Don’t looks like a really Mexican breakfast, but is close.

Octavio Arreguin says:

I tried it and it was 😋!!
I even did the pickle but I also added red onion and he was right this is addictive!! I also added some chop green onions on top of my dish! What can I say?..I like onions and I like to experiment. 😂😊

Demi Ft says:

Russel Brand is that you

bleewicket says:

I eat this all the time now, love it. I use jalapeños.

D Roberts says:

A tanned Jon snow

Michael N says:

I could not believe how good this was for being this simple.

Ann Other says:

The only thing about his five ingredient book is that there's never any room for garlic or spices. I love garlic, spices and herbs.

Nathan Tortoreto says:

I try this recipe , too much strong and not much like tasty to do in the morning , sorry mate but ill pass

Heartland Light says:

Two handsome men and good food. What's not to like?

Rene Lozano Garcia says:

I got two things that are wrong with this video:
1) it is not Mexican plate, it is just food with ingredients common in Mexico
2) when you want to eat real Mexican beans you make them yourself, buy the grains from the market and boil them until they turn into real beans, not just buy them from a can because that takes out the real Mexican flavor that makes them taste so good in the first place (homemade beans and canned beans are very different from one another)

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