Vietnamese Noodle Soup Recipe – Easy, Healthy & Tasty Dinner Idea | Vegetarian Recipes | Vegan Pho

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Hello my beautiful friend.

Nothing comforts better in winter than a warm bowl of soup. I just feel like eating vegetable soup all day, all night, for lunch and dinner both 🙂

It is not just healthy to eat but so easy and quick to make and I am one of those persons who can not have just one kind of soup. I love to experiment with different types of soup recipes and believe me, every time they turn out to be so full of flavors and magical and comforting.

I tried this Vietnamese style noodle soup and to my surprise we both just loved it. We never thought that noodles will taste this good with broth and veggies. You must give this Vietnamese style noodle soup a try. It is so full of flavors and it is healthy and so easy to ake too. You are going to love it in these winters. Noodles can taste good in any form, any day 🙂

Let me know how it turns out for you.

Stay healthy! Stay Fit!

Love from us.
Richa + Jatin

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Married Friends says:

Which vegetable you love the most in your soup??

Mine is mushroom these days ♥️😃

Lima Bravo says:

It's a good recepie but it has nothing to do with Vietnam.

hernitos says:

how do u do ur thumbnails
i love them

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