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Hello lovely people,
Happy Sunday! Here comes another what I eat in a day, this time a Sunday edition. In the video I cook a vegan version of a Hungarian recipe we decided to call Mushroom Paprikás. You find the recipe just below here in the description box. Hoping you enjoy the video and the recipe of course!

Malin x

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Webiste: http://goodeatings.com/

Music: Epidemic Sounds


Mushroom Paprikás with tagliatelle

4 servings of tagliatelle
3 medium sized onions or 2 large, chopped
3 large garlic cloves, minced
3 tbsp oil for cooking
2 large tomatoes, cut into wedges
4 bell peppers or other large sweet peppers, cut into 4-6 wedges depending on size
6-8 large mushrooms such as portobello, cut into half inch chunky slices
2 tbsp sweet paprika powder (if you like smokey flavours you could swap one tbsp for smoked paprika powder and if you like hot and spicy food you can swap one tbsp for hot paprika powder)
2 tbsp ketchup
1 tbsp vegetable stock powder or 1 vegetable stock cube
1 cup of water
Black pepper, generous amount
Salt, to taste

Saute your onions with a pinch of salt in the oil for a few minutes, until they start going translucent. Add your garlic and saute for another minute or so, until fragrant. Sprinkle in your paprika powder, mix through the onions well and continue to saute for another minute or two while keeping a close eye on it as to not burn the powder. Add in your tomatoes and mix through followed by your peppers and ketchup. Season with salt and a generous helping of black pepper. Mix well and cover with a lid. Leave the vegetables to sweat on low heat for 7-10 minutes, they should have released a lot of juices by the end of the sweating session. Add in half of the mushrooms and half of the water as well as the stock powder or cube and mix well. Let cook with the lid ajar over medium heat for 5-7 minutes. Then add in the remaining mushrooms and water, season with salt and let simmer with the lid ajar for a

Quick-pickled cucumber salad

1 cucumber, thinly sliced
0,5 brown onion, finely sliced into rings
2 tbsp white sugar
1,5 tsp salt
0,33 cup apple cider vinegar
Black pepper, to taste

Place all the ingredients except for the apple cider vinegar in a bowl and massage until the sugar dissolves and the cucumbers are wet and soft. Pour in your apple cider vinegar and mix through the cucumber and onion. Finish with som cracked black pepper.


earambadjis says:

Absolutely beautiful video as usual. Also, love the jewelry. Great value for lovely, classic sustainable pieces.

Monica Moran Perez says:

That pasta looks delicious 😩🤩😋

Cradily8000 says:


The Honey Boost says:

Yum! That pasta dish. Popcorn is also my go-to snack. I usually add some nuts and dried fruit to make it more like a trail mix 🙂

No Sin Foodie says:

oh that music and coziness of your videos.. lovely..

Sarah Bird says:

Oooo nutritional yeast on popcorn…..gonna be trying that 🤩

Esella says:

Does the hot fruit kill the probiotic in the yoghurt bowls? Looks amazing regardless x

L Abbott says:

Love your choice in music for the video.

Sarah Crisostomo says:

Your videos are soooooooo beautiful!!! 😍 And the food 🤤🤤🤤

the happiest person on youtube says:

If there is a god, may he send all oatly product varieties to austria. Please. Im addicted.

Jane Bute says:

Oh my! Your food is bringing me comfort on a chilly rainy Monday!

S Hess says:

This is a stellar video from you….my gosh you know how to make a beautiful video!!! And…Rob’s mother! What elan….she is so so stylish…is this her everyday look? Wow….she is just so lovely with flair! I’m watching you make dinner together. May try that recipe!

Holistically Clean&Clear says:

Malin, I loved this video so much <3 I’m enjoying my morning green smoothie while I watch…and cleaning at the same time 🙂 My birthday is this month and my husband has been asking what’s peeked my interest lately, I told him I wanted jewelry for my special 30th bday. This came out at the perfect time 🙂 I’ll hint to him and maybe he’ll surprise me with some beautiful pieces.

– Lola

nordic flower says:

Hei, I'm Hungarian, and you pronounced 'nokedli' right haha 😀 btw this is my favorite meal here in Hungary as a vegetarian, we usually stir the sour cream into the dish. Loved your version of it, super video 🙂

lovemink2 says:

What a lovely, relaxing brunch! Love all of the jewelry (yours and Rob's mom's). ♥♥♥

Eveline Hodges says:

Lovely meal (and video)❤️

Krisztina Árvai says:

Greetings from Hungary 😉 I really enjoy your videos: the food the mood, everything!

Zsuzsanna Balogh says:

Hi, I'm Hungarian! I love your Paprikás! 💚

Aliz Tisóczki says:

Thank you for the beautiful video again. Send you love from Hungary 🙂

Nadine Tonn says:

What a lovely Sunday of jazzy good eats. Your aesthetic and ethics are always perfection. N <3

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