Magnum Classic Ice Cream in a Tub with a Chocolate Shell Taste Test | Birdew Reviews

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We taste the new Magnum ice cream in a tub that comes encased in a chocolate shell to crack!
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Bade Özal says:

That is 30$ here

Ann Byrne says:

I can’t believe I had to google how to open this stupid thing! Anyway thanks for your video! 4/10, wouldn’t buy again…..

Damitube Damian Love says:

stop wasting the ice cream

erana b says:

You Mum Dad and kids? I could smash one of these back in 5 minutes. This is worth one bowl of ice cream. Definitely not more than a single serving.

Brooke Parker says:

I was going to try this but it's expensive for how small the tub is. I want to try the almond one as that is my favourite type of magnum. Also their is a white chocolate one.

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