Warming winter food with Gary Rhodes – Bread and Buttery Pudding

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Fancy something to keep you cosy this winter? In these two exclusive videos Gary cooks some sumptuous recipes that are guaranteed to warm you up after being out in the cold winter weather.

Gary will be offering step-by-step guidance to creating two delicious recipes that are sure to inspire cooks around the country. The first dish is a simple Chestnut Mushroom Risotto, which will really get your mouth watering. The second is a variation on Gary’s signature dish: Bread and Buttery Pudding, great for any occasion. Taste takes precedence for the Michelin-starred chef who also understands the importance of eating a healthy balanced diet, that’s why he has cooked with new Flora Buttery.

Perfect for use in all types of cooking and baking, Flora Buttery has a rich, buttery taste and contains 70% less saturated fat than butter, which means you can indulge your heart and your taste buds at the same time


Anjali Mehra says:

@BUNNYLOVA23 i guess you could stick it under the grill?

Henry Argentina says:

@sideup100 i tried it without bread,tasted just as good but less bready !!!!

sideup100 says:

What if I have no bread?am I in trouble?

Natasha says:


Mamu Enterprise says:

can i use anything else to replace the vanilla

Piff Stenis says:

I made this once, it was beautiful

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