Are YOU trying Veganuary? This is why Romesh is Vegan | Jamie & Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast

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Joined by comedian Romesh Ranganathan, Jamie and Jimmy present their first ever vegan menu, proving that vegan can be delicious!

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Channel 4 says:

Are you trying Veganuary?! 🍏

Alpha Momentum says:

Why any rational, educated human being would not eat meat is beyond me. We are predators, fact.

Michael McGrath says:


mcwolfus 1 says:

is vegan a new religion then? lol

Survival Ex Spurt says:

Is Romesh meant to be a comedian? He isn’t very good at it….

Survival Ex Spurt says:

Romesh can get fucked. I hate vegans. They are not a reflection of me. They are not smarter nor are they better. So Romesh, if you are reading this try negging insecure little vegan turds. And shove your air of superiority up your arse. Have a nice day.

T M says:

Fuck veganury come on … dairy eggs steak chicken … yum yum. Bugger you veggans !!! 😊

Some Guy says:

I can't switch to a vegan diet for January. I already eat that way.

Vegan Vocalist says:

;D))))) bath room item's eeeew hahahah ;D

shantie ganga says:

I wish i could see the full episode on YT …..<3 Romesh Ranganathan.

Daniel Williams says:

Jamie Oliver please fuck off pushing your agendas on people

Hugh Janus says:

That lil nigga ruined my childhood

Tamara H says:

Oh my days , I loved him before not knowing he is Vegan .. The fact that he is JUST MADE ME RESPECT HIM EVEN MORE

Mbabu Mgolwhagyduu says:

Posh twat meets unfunny bbc ethnic greg Wallace surrounded by middle class tossers

anura kumara says:

Most underrated British comedian.

0oooooo0 says:

mum looks so proud <3 how sweet

Rese Yog says:

romesh should try meditation he is meditative he has the potential to enlighten

Alcaseiver says:

3:15 Jamie completely cut him off

salome says:

I so hope Romesh is taking the piss.

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