Vegan Pecan Chocolate Cake | Easy

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If it’s not easy to make I am not baking it! I finally managed to wipe up a delicious pecan Vegan chocolate cake that is crazy easy, because I wouldn’t make it otherwise lol.

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Marielle says:

you kinda look like rihanna and that cake looks like it's mine now

Byron Murphy says:

Okay, this hat needs to come back and I don't mean maybe, baby, sorry I got so excited I started to rhyme, I will call the police and report my crime, sorry there I go again 😂

Lobo Lobo says:

Found your chocolate cake video. Yay!! Thank You! I will make it this weekend. 🤗🤗

Sophie Gill says:

If i wanted to make it a normal chocolate cake, could i leave out the nuts and just keep it at that? Or could i add chocolate chips instead?

Shevegan says:

Vegan sweets are the best! Pecan nuts might be my favorite kind of nut, this looks sooooo good! Thanks for this <3

Jenna Danelle says:

This needs to be my daughters birthday cake! Thank you!

Angelique R. says:

so yummy looking reminds me of a brownie.

Sterling says:

LOVE your channel lol your hair is so cool!

Graceful Resilience says:

Yay cake!!! Ooooh I would love to see pecan pie!

Vegan with Jenn says:

😍😍😍looks so yummy

April Kristel says:

food porn 😋

Cynthia Novillo says:

this chocolate cake makes me want to eat chocolate and I am a vanilla person haha 🙂

Road Family says:

I always love your videos! 🙂 Such great energy.(I know I've said this before) My birthday just passed and my mom wanted to make a cake but decided not to because she couldn't use the typical ingredients. I'll show her this and hopefully she makes it lol

Vegan yummies says:

im seriously unsubscribing cause your recipes might make me fat lol oh yea sub my channel hunni

jules scully says:

Another great video, I might make this today

Revolution in Bloom says:

Ha! Girl, you will not believe what I'm filming right now! Birthday confetti bday cake…Great minds! Lol This was another great vid, love it! 😄👌

Tamim Al-Shallah says:

Love the chef hat 😀

Matt Logan says:

i thought that said vegan pegan

Living Plantfully says:


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