Classic Beef Chilli Con Carne | Waitrose

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Silvana shows you how to make a hearty chilli.
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wozzlepop says:

2:14 tee hee

anonymous 1 a says:

Amazing and simple recipe. Tried it and turned out great but I added more spices for a better taste thank you!

Anteater23 says:

Can I make this without Waitrose ingredients?

Clara Sais says:

Has anyone made this yet? One of my faves

Alexandre Nishikawa says:

no salt in the guacamole?

Rita says:

Another lovely, easy recipe to try soon

Mirette R says:

Looks so delicious !!

Dave d'Video Maker says:

Can I use fresh tomatoes instead of canned tomatoes and ketchup?
Reasons: They are not good for your health.

David says:

looks lovely, another winner I would say! Thank you 🙂

Wayne Jarrell says:

Yummy 😜👍

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