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Khachapuri is ubiquitous all over Georgia in many shapes and forms. Traditionally it is made with the Georgian cheese, Suluguni. In the UK a good substitute is a mixture of Gouda and Feta cheese.

Celia Brooks has been with Divertimenti Cookery School since the very start! She leads gastro tours of London’s foodie hotspots as well as holding her own hands on and demonstration classes in the cookery school kitchens. Here she demonstrates a recipe from her renowned “World Vegetarian Classics” cookbook (Pavilion Books 2009).

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David Shvangiradze says:

Khachapuri ? really?? :/

Giorgi Jackeli says:

First of all, I`d like to say thank you for all of your efforts but this isn`t a Khachapuri. We don`t make a Khachapuri from Guda cheese. This is coming from Georgian. Cheers.

Kartvelian Heritage says:

central asia? 😀 Georgia is in eastern europe :)) llearn geography;))

hom0faber says:

Georgia is not central asia, it's south america :/

Anthony Gold says:

I would eat it

Berserk says:


Berserk says:

და მაკარონს რატომ უკეთბს?

Berserk says:

ისე რაც მართალია მართალია ქართველის გაკეთბული ხაჭაპური ჯობია

Nika Bakhsoliani says:

Hah! Central Asia, wroong!

ნანა დუკაშვილი ზემლოკ says:

What? we Georgians don't make Khajapuri from gouda cheese, second there is not many different version of khajapuri, there is 3 different version, people make it little different ways. I am sorry to say, this is not traditional, or classic khajapuri. 

MaZEEZaM says:

Probably far to cheesy for my taste.

Nona Songulashvili says:

Anyways nice try 😀

Bella Erdbeer says:


David Akolashvili says:

Georgia is a europian republic not in asia , teach geography. looks nice but its not khachapuri 🙁  i agree with iberian falcon. :

iberian falcon says:

looks nice but its not khachapuri 🙁

iberian falcon says:

central asian republica of Georgia?

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