Speedy Spaghetti | Gennaro Contaldo

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Sponsored by Bertolli | If you’re after a quick and easy recipe that tastes sublime give Gennaro’s Speedy Spaghetti a go. Anchovies, garlic and sliced chilli are pan fried, tossed through the pasta and finished with parsley and a grating of pecorino cheese. Fast food never tasted so good!

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Shorty Home Cooking says:

Nice to meet you! Also dealing with Japanese food! ! I look forward to it!

John Tam says:

His version of pasta aglio olio.

Doxsein says:

Two huge scoops of butter… anything will taste good 🤨

David Hargreaves says:

Im glad the parsley goes in at the very end…..good shout Gennaro

Catalin Crisan says:

It was delicious! 🤤

ValerioMansueti says:

Why butter and not olive oil?

grunt life HORNO says:

Lost me at anchovies

Tina Dimberg says:

just loooooove you cooking genaro.yummy yummy.oh my my.

Michela ngr says:

Burro con alici, peperoncino e aglio? Mmm, non mi pare ci stia molto, meglio olio di oliva.

Gabriel Fontes says:

Just made it and it's well worth it! Thank you Gennaro!

Milagro Arce says:

I 💘 this guy he is so consistent at what he does lol 💘 💘 💘 thks guy i make this every other day 😋

융-jungcooking says:

Who made him angry

Comradery says:

I gonna make a funtastic spedi spaghetti. Sawlt, pepah, sometink so deleeeshous. His pronunciations are so amazing haha.

naijjian odacrem says:

Every chef should speak like him when cooking Pasta dish to add more authenticity

Aaron Shirlow says:

Yep.. tinned pineaple tinned mushroom salange… cant beat it

Tırıvırı says:

Unlikers british I think 🙂

Ermal Deliu says:

Fantastic thanks

mike71564 says:

This guy is alright you know 👍

Chris Nye says:

2:32 – me smashed at 3am watching my cheese on toast melt under the grill

Bamboo T says:

I bet he's Italian

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