5 Things to do With….Chocolate | Food Tube Classic Recipes | #TBT

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We’ve trawled the Food Tube archives to bring you our favourite chocolate recipes you may have missed first time round. You’ll thank us for this one.

If there’s an ingredient or theme you’d like to see featured in the Throw Back Thursday series comment below!

Links from the video:
Chocolate Mousse | http://jamieol.com/ChocolateMousse
Double Chocolate Cookies | http://jamieol.com/choccookies
Vegan Chocolate Pots | http://jamieol.com/ChoccyPots
Chocolate Eggnog | http://jamieol.com/EggNOG
Chocolate Tart | http://jamieol.com/chocolatetart

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Honey Bhagat says:

how to make perfect coffee,jamie?

Eileen Welzel says:

maybe it would be nice to see more healthy recipes to use chocolate 🙂

The Unbelievably Doofus-Like People says:

Get yourself a man who compliments you like Jamie constantly compliments his food

Kacee - Leigh says:

Selfie time with my choc lmao

Anis Syuhadah says:

Really love your accent. Shoutout from Malaysia 👏🏻

Big Al says:

#6: stuff it up yore bum

Savage Plays says:

Better then gordan ramsay

Henrik Mathisen says:

Hi Jamie, a friend recommended this channel due to it's healthy and easy foods and I love it. I've been looking for something healthy to replace my chocolate addiction with. My surgeon says I need to lose 100lbs before he can do my quadruple bypass. With these recipes I'm sure I'll hit that 350lbs mark before my next imminent heart-attack, cheers!

clementine kover says:

curious about what Alfie has got to do with this? 😂

Connor Spencer says:

Vegan right what about the dairy

XwildboneX says:

It's not vegan as chocolate has milk

Romiya Pun says:

Which dark chocolate is that?

Charizard123 says:

What the hell is a nob of butter or a heap table spoon or a pinch of salt

Green says:

I'm on a diet and I'm just torturing myself watching this

Ivylover Horsez says:

These look amazing. However I prefer my chocolate mousse with only dark chocolate, eggs and sugar. No need for butter or cream in my opinion 😉

Aina Khan says:

What kind of chocolate do you use in your recipes ? Cooking chocolate? Please tell me as I want to try all of these recipes! Btw the you are an amazing cook 😊 Good day

Peach says:

I absolutely love his kitchen it's amazing <3

Olha S says:

Thank you , Jamie. Especially for the vegan desert .

krishna priya says:

chocolate is your favorite .my favourite is you Jamie. a big fan of u and to your cooking from India

adeledr says:

Watching this at 2am… WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF???

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