Magnum Double Chocolate Vanila Ice Cream Bar -VS- The Dove Ice Cream Bar

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These to ice cream bars had to have a taste off. I know you have seen each of these in the grocery store, but it had to one of the other. Or ya just went the greedy way like me and bought both lol.





Michael Hassler says:

Belgium chocolate versus Palmer chocolate flavored stuff. Ain't gonna be Tyson versus Douglas. No way Palmer pulls the upset.

You Tube says:

This dude is a fruitcake corny youtuber thats needs to get slapped up

Tray Will says:

5:20 whats that called??

Eli McRibs says:

This guy is funny as hell, I'm subscribing

iggypopisgod9 says:

This dude is stone cold crazee

Rocky Ruggiero says:

THAT was awesome review. fUNNY AND good. Ha ha ha. And, you got my HUNGRY for both. Have you tried the Haagen Dazhs bars??? CRA CRA. I think they have the truest ice cream going. High quality. Review it big C !!!

Lisa Murdoch says:

White chocolate magnums are the one

Tyree Chism says:

Those are Banging Yo

defne topal says:

özürlü müsün

Stephanie Daniel says:

I'm at work lmao you are hilarious yo


best video you ever made

Nicole P says:

i love your hat also were can I get one from small black are pink are white I love it

Nicole P says:

so fire Belgium chocolate fire Honey

BigC90 90 says:

I like vanilla bean ice cream but I can't stand the black bits in it but it's still nice

Naijakourtney35 says:

I love magnum ice cream bars that's all I eat

noname says:

magnums are so much better than dove

lozzymagoo says:

that brand 'dove' is a "fake" version of a British chocolate called 'galaxy'. I found one box of galaxy chocolates on a shelf with a box of dove ones right next to it. Same packaging but one had Arabic written on it. so weird. I'm guessing it's internationally shipped. I have no idea where it comes from.

Raul J says:

I tried them magnum joints but its a size big

Random Dick says:

came from Idubbz. Love the love you gave. you are awesome

the English Rocker says:

Chris iam flipping out here B , you finaly reviewing something thst we have over here in uk they are banging

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