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Is vegan meat better for the planet? It is a lot more efficient to produce vegan meat than animal meat. It requires fewer resources – making alternative meat out of legumes and grains cuts out the middleman. This also results in fewer greenhouse gas emissions as cows produce a lot of methane. Vegan meat is also better for animals, for our health, and it costs less money.

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H Lenz says:

Doesn't matter, fake meat is chemical sludge with no nutrition.

Cubed Communities_MN says:

Hey your commentating has improved in terms of tonality and flow. I’ll subscribe now.

Denis Cullis says:

Nice vid xden vegan xxx

kickthespike says:

Ireland is in the EU! You get your facts wrong a good bit. That's why I have unsubscribed.

Citizenthirteen says:

5 other mass extinctions were caused by natural disasters . Human beings are a natural disaster IMO. Until the human race disappears, the earth will never heal.

Take Off Your Blinkers says:

Fake meat with fake ingredients, at sometime common sense will kick in with you kids…

tresa black says:

Great info and short film but the narrator sounds a little like a robot.

Wearephuct O says:

0:26 Bleeding plant based burgers! Mmm mmm … wait, what?

papparocket says:

Methane, when viewed over a 20 year period, has a global warming potential (GWP) of 86 times that of CO2. The GPW of 24 for methane comes from averaging over a 100 year period. The difference is because methane degrades in the upper atmosphere as it interacts with ozone and degrades to CO2 and water very nearly all of a kilogram of methane emitted today will be gone in 20 years. Thus the 100 average value is misleading because for 80 of those years there is no methane. Plus we need to focus much more on what we are doing right now will affect the climate over the next decade, not the next century. So I think we all should start using the more appropriate 86 GWP for methane.

Kristers Krūka says:

Isn't it ironic that plant foods have larger nutritional diversity, despite lower calories, than animal foods and lower resurce requirement. I'm saying ironic, because many people tend to consume animals in belief that it's more nutritious, yet the flaw in their thinking is that they compare it to lettuce and cucumbers, seeming as if grains and legumes don't even exist.
Like, we literally see people curing issues such as anemia with legumes, among other deficiencies. I for one, used to be lethargic and mildly anemic as a meat eating(whole foods) child and over time, the more meat i replaced with plant foods, grains and legumes, the better i got. Now, years on a WFPB diet, i'm in the best health of my 27 years.
P.S Even as a child, i had disgust towards animal foods, leaving peaces of meat on the side of plates and eating the plants instead. People were mind boggled and complained, of course.

Linda van Kollenburg says:

1. It's not better for your health ( Lectines, pectines, Phytic-Acid, Oxelates ) cause if it was, vegans wouldn't look so shitty!
2. It's not better for the planet. Don't forget, these products require vast amounts of plants for only a bit of burger, also, not all soil is capable of growing plants for humans.
3. Vegan meat uses FRESH water where as MEAT uses recycled water from rain and wells.
4. For a vegan meal, millions of insects are killed off, as well as smaller rodents and birds.
5. Grass Fed beef isn't destroying oceans and rain forests, it's actually regenerative in nature, which can't be said of your soy shit.

Lester Lasa says:

I’m vegan and 64 healthy

sir corky's riley says:

unfortunately china and india are increasing their dairy and beef consumption. with their high populations we may be in trouble

Evelyne Depoorter says:

Deze burger is de beste!!!! Heerlijk

Squishy says:

Except there are also plenty of people who ends up having diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and other food poisoning symptoms 1 to 6 hours after eating these fake meat. They report them to websites like this one:

In recent news, it is said that avocados also causes environment havoc, uses up the most water, causes earthquakes in Mexico. Mexico produces more avocado than anywhere in the world, but the “green gold”, as it is known, is consumed mainly in North America, Europe and Asia. Each year, 11 billion pounds of avocado are consumed around the world. Forest lands with diverse wildlife have been destroyed to produce avocado, and many more were intentionally burned to bypass a Mexican law allowing producers to change the land-use permit to commercial agriculture instead of forest land, if it was lost to burning.

Stop just looking at one side of things and start looking at both sides.

Ted Striker2112 says:

please refrain from usng the terms "livestock and beef." call them who they are and refer to them as animals, they are not things.

WintaFresh says:

I'll take my grass fed meat over that crap. instead of going vegan we should eat more insects. and grass fed meats.

Adam A. says:

Eventually most people will be eating in vitro meat once they get the price down. I personally will not be doing that, but to each their own because I don't just avoid meat for the environment or animal cruelty but also for my own health.

Jaakko Johannes says:

Whaaaat??? Healthier?? Are you being serious right now? Have you looked at the ingredients in that procceced crap???

Bloodthirsty Vegan says:

The amount of packaging they use for 2 measly patties or 4 sausages has to negate any positive impact. Besides, the closer they get to authentic meat texture, the more disgusting I find it.

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