FULL DAY OF EATING 😍🍽️Healthy Meatless Meal Ideas | Vegetarian / Plant-Based FDOE

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I hope you love seeing what I eat in a day! 💕
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Marie Wold says:

Hello friends! Thanks so much for hanging with me today ♥️ I enjoyed every single meal that I ate, but I'm curious– which one looked the best to YOU?

Jose Garcia says:

I’d love a grocery haul

Jessica Keller says:

Love love love to see that you're eating less meat and less processed foods 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 to be 100% honest with you, I used to be a huge fan of yours but realized that following bikini competitors on insta (who were eating "zero cal" or processed foods and justifying it with iifym .. all to lose weight and sacrificing overall health) really had negative effects on my relationship with food. I've taken another direction really focusing on my health (vegan now!) so I'm happyyyyy to see that you have too. You're great and I admire you for what you've done with your brand/business. You go girl!

Rebecca Cline says:

Hi, first time watcher here! Loved the oatmeal b-fast idea. Where did you get the cute containers for your oatmeal and protein? I LOVE them!

Marissa Russo says:


Jessica Calhoun says:

The oats were definitely my fav. 😀

Sarah The Maritime Keto Mom says:

😡😡 fyi Rxbars don't deliver outside of the US please note that when you are doing sponsored video it was super disappointing when I went to check out and I could not get the bars because I'm from Canada😡😡

Pam A says:

I'm confused. I came over because I heard you on Jenna's podcast. I noticed the title and was pretty excited to find out you were plant-based also. But, the beginning of the video you're promoting RX bars? They aren't Vegan. Are you plant-based, but still eat egg? Side note: I haven't even watched but the beginning of the video so maybe i'll find out.

Deven says:

Awesome recipes thanks for sharing 🙂 … will have to check out somebody feed Phil, ha my guy and I stumbled on “I’ll have what Phil’s having” and were obsesssssed hes Such a ham

Ki Lewandowski says:

Nada Moo is seriously the best df ice cream! I've never seen that flavor before though but it looks so good!

Brennan Lacina says:

Love your full day of eating videos. Also always love your grocery hauls! No rAgrets on the egg sandwich those are the best!

Caitlin Molyneux says:

I made the cookie dough recipe with the vanilla as soon as I watched this video and I am OBSESSED! I've been drizzling honey over it and omg. It's so good. I also just ordered the vegan peanutbutter protein to try with it. Thank you so much for sharing!

Dana Short says:

You are a cooking genius, I loves this video wow

Allison Thomas says:

Would love to see a full grocery haul video! Btw just used my $50 bodybuilding.com gift card I won from your giveaway!  🙂 Thanks again girl! <3

Beautyby Jordan says:

That salad literally looks so dang good 😍😍😍😍

Sydney Martichuski says:

I loved this style of video! Super fun and aesthetic af 😊

Carly Friebel says:

That cookie dough idea is genius! If I saw it online I wouldn’t think to make it, but if you honestly say it’s good, then I have to try it!

Amy Vog says:

I love Somebody Feed Phil! Im sad cause I already watched all the episodes! Your day of eating looked delicious, thanks for sharing girl! Nothin better than a yolky breakfast sandy 😍

Angela H says:

Hi Marie! Absolutely loved this video! Thanks for sharing your recipes and I just used your discount code to buy my RX sample box! The roasted cauliflower and chickpea salad looked delicious!! But my favorite recipe that I happen to also treat myself to every night was the vegan protein cookie dough with Pescience’s vegan protein😋😋

kellyBAMF says:

I'm also diagnosed with Hashimotos disease and read that coffee was something you should avoid? how have you been feeling when drinking it? 🙂

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