Vegan Bacon Mac & Cheese, Tofu Benedict // Hot for Food Cookbook Recipe Test

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in this video i try out recipes from the hot for food cookbook, vegan comfort classics! i make her bacon mac and cheese skillet, tofu benedict, and apple fritters! #hotforfood#vegan#sarahsvegankitchen

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Sarah's Vegan says:

Plz note how I get progressively more disheveled as the video progresses…lol. Also note that the time on the microwave at the start is 10:30 and 6:30 at the end. 😂Probably the most cooking/filming I've ever done in a single day. Worth it tho. ❤️

Chenese White says:

If you have not done the rachel ama cookbook would you do a review on it.

Tua Iya says:

What were the last 2 ingredients in the mac and cheese?

Debbie Rogers says:

If you ever come to Vegas, Ronalds Donuts has AMAZING vegan donuts! Exactly the kind you were describing.

chelse kuehl says:

ha thats not vegan theres oil in there

shanti kurz says:

Girl you need a restaurant and a food truck

Chrisi Christian says:

I LOVE this cookbook. Especially the sandwich called monte Cristo. As a German I've never heard of a bacon-grilled-cheese-French-Toast sandwich. I can't speak for the real deal but Lauren's veganized version is DELICIOUS!!!

Javier Ramos says:

Gracias Sarah

Javier Ramos says:

the prices of the ingredients for that type of food. Is it the same as regular food?

Francesca W says:

Best vegan "mac and cheese" is from the Kripalu cookbook. It uses butternut squash and is very tasty.


Love watching your videos been watching your stuff for over a year now. Would love if you would check out our Vegan Mac & cheese!! I think you might enjoy it. 😁

Megan Mullikin says:

You remind me so much of Zooey Deschanel. I am sure you get that alot tho

jus tine says:

I never liked Granny Smith apples until this year too

P P says:

If you don’t have money to buy the book you can use your library card on the app called Libby and borrow it

Erica Zuniga says:

I'm allergic to cashews 🙁 what can I use to substitute it?

Googlor Snooglor says:

And my favourite donut is apple fritters!!! So glad you did them they look absolutely delicious! And I’ve for sure gotta try that tofu Benny! I loved watching iron chef and giada at home haha

Googlor Snooglor says:

Honeycrisp, ambrosia, and pink lady apples are my faaaavess

minnie says:

I'm really curious as to why people have thumbed-down this video. Anyone care to share?

The Girl Who Speaks says:

So you never mentioned the two powders you put into the cheese sauce?..

Angel Price says:

Paula Deen lol and Emril was my absolute fave lol

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