Vegan Chicken-less Stew

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How can you satisfy a chicken stew craving as a vegan, you ask? Well with this vegan chicken stew of course..or I guess its best called vegan chicken-less stew because it has no chicken.

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msjuicycouture22 says:

This looks so good. I may be trying this week. Cold weather needs food like this. Stews and sopas🥣

Rena Roberts says:

Hi Rose, I finally made your stew and it is soooo good. It makes a lot tho and we froze some. My old husband loved it. it is very flavorful. Who would have ever thought of putting lentils and quinoa together? HAH! We know who and it turned out great. Thanks for another wonderful recipe.
I just watched (late again) you rcooking live burger stream. That really looks good too. Someone commented that they missed your colorful hair. I think you were cute back then but now with your natural colors i think you really look lovely. Just my opinion and of course I am your OLD fan.
Rena – Thanks again. I don't know if you will even get this post as you did the chickenless stew a few months back. I just wanted to tell you how really good it is.

Norma Figueroa says:

I am so glad to find your videos. I am a 60 year old vegan. I have been vegan for 3 years. Unfortunately, I do miss my Spanish food. You have given me hope, to continue to eat Foods that are vegan with that Spanish flavor that I have been looking for 3 years. Thank you so much, continue your videos, you are very talented.

Panda Princess says:

Rose-I am so glad I found your channel-been binge watching ever since. Love all your recipes, your down-to-earth style and how you make it all look so flavorful, yet simple. I am most thankful for your recipes that use Sazon as my husband had bought a large container just before he passed away and I have been wondering how to I could use it all up as I didn't want it to go to waste. Much love to you and your beautiful family!

vanillahugz says:

New to your channel and I’m hooked. I can’t wait to try a few of your recipes thank you so much ❤️

Bex D says:

Thank you this was amazing!
Made it yesterday…yummy

Ms Winterbottom says:

I love your vids! Gonna have this tonight

yonnie says:

Made this. It was a hit.  Thank you bunches.

jason king says:

Looks amazing!

Jenna Danelle says:

I am meal planning for when my Mom comes to visit and she is gf, this is a perfect dish to make, I am SO excited!!!

qrl fithoop says:

Bellisimo el sancocho vegano gracias por la receta🍲🍲🍲🍲 muah💕

Angelina Davila says:

You deserve way more subs and views like all your food is good af

Natural Vegan Mama says:

this looks so good! I have been eating stews and soups for a couple weeks. We have been getting cold fronts down here in Florida.

gisforgary says:

I see recipes that call for one carrot, and I'm like what you got against carrots? Throw the bag in there!

Foster Ferrets says:

Hi so how did you start vegan because I eat chicken here and there or turkey and did you eat little by little meat and then started to eat greens and vegan things.

Beth Rod says:

Looks Delicious!!😋 Thnx for all your hard wrk in putting together these great & healthy dishes!😍

Nathan Walsh says:

The quinoa looks so tasty in this soup. I was thinking maybe you could do chickenless wild rice soup recipe. That would be so good.

Dana Zuccaro says:

OMGSH; this looks so good!!! I am so making this. Thanks for the recipe
BTW, your audio sounds so good! Less echo; did you get a new mic?

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