Vegan Shepherd's Pie

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Vegan shepherd’s pie that can be done in no time and still taste absolutely delicious. Going vegan doesn’t have to mean missing out on classics like this vegan shepherd’s pie!

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Allison Thompson says:

I made this and it was amazing! Thank you for sharing.

TheFettuck says:

Shepherd's pie is vegan! Shepherd's pie always includes lamb/sheep meat.

Bria Williams says:

I just wanted to let y’all know, I tried it and it was phenomenal!! Great job Ms. Veggie 🌹

Sheena R says:

I made this 4 days ago and just finished the last of it tonight. And I'm truly sad it came to an end! It was so freaking yummy I could have kept eating a new pan for 4 more days! Thanks Veggie Rose!🥰🍲🥰

ladywith class says:

I made this dish for people who are not vegetarians and it was a great success, I had one of my guest say " I can easily become a vegetarian after having the shepherds pie,' I gave her the recipe. Thank you for your guidance in preparing wholesome and healthy vegetarian meals for our family and friends. You are truly a God send

ladywith class says:

I made this version of shepherds pie and served it to my friends who never this pie before or never had the veggie crumblers well needless to say it was a great success they

Shiavon Irvin says:

I made this lastnight and it came out so good. Thank u. I'm really been a vegan for 2 weeks and ur page has helped me out so much

Lana Carter says:

I hate when people yell at me for using the wrong utensil within a serving dish. Chill! I’m not gonna scrape up the Tupperware 😭

David Mcgregor says:

Vegan Shepherd's pie was the first recipe I made when I changed to a vegan whole foods plant based diet and lifestyle. And it was great. I have done it with sweet potato as well as normal potatoes.

ValnillasMom says:

Shepherd's Pie is one of the comfort foods and often a requested dinner in this household. When my daughter Val, who is vegan comes to visit for dinner, I especially enjoy bringing to the table a vegan meal that we can all enjoy together as a family. I am very eager to serve this recipe to the family. Thank you Rose!

wild rose says:

Rose looking like a rose …

Denise says:

I’m new to your channel and I love it!!
Can you make a “meat” loaf recipe please!!

Valerie Claxton says:

Love your kitchen.. can't wait to try

Angie Clark says:

Everytime I watch one of your videos your in a different kitchens lol do you move a lot or you just cook in different people's houses. LOLOL

Jennifer Nichole says:

You look so cute in this video!

AR D says:

The volume on this video is so soft. With all the volume up on my laptop I still have a lot of trouble hearing you.

Jaelithe Baxendale says:

This looks delicious! I think I would have dissolved the boullion in a little bit of hot water so you don’t accidentally end up with a lump of it in your mouth if it hasn’t stirred in very well. 💕

Krista Noelle Barril says:

Great Recipe! I have yet to try shepherd's pie! I'm going to have to try this. I've been in a huge backing mood had I'm doing a little unit on Crazy dough. I wonder I can use the that dough for the pie crust! We will see 😛

Dina S says:

I love your kitchen 😍😆

Carmen Acuna says:

~ Thanks For Sharing ~ Making It Today For Dinner ~ Blessings ~

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