Vegan Snickerdoodles

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Some people are going super fancy with their holiday baking, but I like to stick to the classics 🙂 What’s more classic than a snickerdoodle? Here’s my veganized version of snickerdoodles with a little baking science for fun!


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The Viet Vegan says:

Also shoutout to the flour on my chin that I didn't notice FOR THE ENTIRE VIDEO T_T Oh and I think I identified what happened to this batch: I think I accidentally halved the butter but didn't half the rest of my recipe cause I'm a fool (also it's something I've done before for another video XD). WHOOPS. Oh well, still tasty cookies.

Creative Juice for Dayz says:

Tried this recipie and they are delicious! Definitally in my top 5 favorite cookie recipies! My mom didnt want me useing eggs bc we were running out and so i searched up cookie recipes without eggs and i found this! Im not even vegan (vegiterrian but not vegan :)) but these were so good!

Shadow of Secrets says:

Thank you so much for making this tutorial! I freaking love snickerdoodle and this recipe is a dream come true! Also I got questions on what stores can I buy these ingredients and how much will all cost in total?

Eboni Lewis says:

Thanks for sharing your recipe!!! These cookies bangin😋😋👌

CHOB says:

The recipe says 1 cup of vegan butter : ) But I think the video says 1/2 cup of vegan butter… so how much butter?

Jenna Kessinger says:

Omg how have I never seen your videos before? You're awesome! ✌️

It's Ary says:

Just found your channel!! Absolutely loved it!! Just subscribed would love some love ❤️❤️

Sasha Rabson says:

Is there any chance you could add the metric measurements for all metric users out there ! I know that when it comes to baking that using weight measurements can give consistent results ! If it’s too much to asking that’s fine I know how hard you work on the content!

Jennifer Maynard & Anthony Fahey says:

You’re really good at what you do !! With videos baking and putting all of this together the way you do

Anna Johnson says:

I made these for the holidays and they were literally the best vegan cookies I've ever eaten. I used a hand mixer too and they were still pretty easy. Thank you Lisa!!!

Heather Stallard says:

I just made these and I have to say, they're amazing!!!

Jellyqueen says:

Making these to give out as presents 😊🍪🎁

Fiona Pook says:

I'm English and I've not only heard of Snickerdoodles but I've made them too! However my favourite cookies are chocolate chip mmmmmm.

Alexus Martinez says:

Snickerdoodles are my favorite cookies! 🍪

Sarah Marie J says:

F* yeah! If I want a cookie, I'm going to make a damn cookie!

Elizabeth Shaw says:

I can't wait to make these but I will have to get baking powder on Saturday when I go shopping. I fell twice Saturday night and once was forward. I know how to break a fall going backwards but not going forwards and I broke a piece of my breastbone so I can't cook without help and she'll be here Friday but I have a doctor's appointment.

Elizabeth Shaw says:

Oil and vegan butter make cookies soft real butter makes cookies crispy. Oil and vegan butter make cookies soft real butter makes cookies crispy.

Elizabeth Shaw says:

Snickerdoodles a colonial American cookie.

Hadil Hasnaoui says:

i tried the cookies today in fact i'm eating them now and i love them even when they are cold <3 <3 <3 !!!

Miss Messy Diagnosis says:

ginger molasses cookies are my fave!

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