The Best Creamy Vegan Pasta Sauce You'll Ever Eat

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In today’s video I’m sharing my recipe for the best creamy vegan pasta sauce you’ll ever eat. Made from walnuts instead of cashews, this creamy garlic sauce is one of the best vegan pasta recipes I’ve ever made. It’s easy, delicious, and has a few interesting twists!

🌱Walnut Pasta Sauce:

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smoothduc says:

This was super good. Just made it with cashews as I did not have walnuts. I did not have vegan parm and used nutritional yeast. And almond milk – that’s what I had. Girl you weren’t kidding! This was super good, it definitely made it into my tried&true file. Love the simplicity.

Alex J says:

I love tomatoes so i love to mix half tomato base sauce and half cream sauce I make and mix them both with tomatoes and pasta.

izzy hatzi says:

never thought of walnuts but keen to try! I soak cashews and use them, as well as frying off garlic, brown onion and fresh chilli. I add soy or almond milk and vegetable stock cubes or powder to the pan with it all, and then add it to the cashews and blend. It is SO damn good and a great GF alternative!

Faded C says:

You're doing great keep it up and your empire will grow massively

At home with Debbie says:

Oh I’m glad to see something different than cashews. That looks yummy.

Kian snow says:

Amazing video love it so much ❤️

Vegan Delight says:

I love this recipe! That sauce must be so delicious!

Susan Olsen says:

Next time you make this recipe, try adding in about 1/4 cup of sauerkraut brine – it really adds a parm/cheese flavor….sound odd, but it works!

Cheer Seeds Cooking says:

Ummm yes please!!! I'm mopping up my drool while watching this <3

Impatientmiss says:

We use your Alfredo Sauce with cashews all the time. I love the idea of using walnuts too. Will definitely have to try this.

Vegan Tina says:

Your hair is flawless !

easy2bvegan says:

Appreciate something without cashews- trying to avoid them because of the human rights violations that tend to happen with how they are produced. Love walnuts too! 💚

GothicaBeauty. says:

My OH asked who “farmer John cheese” was.

AshlieeIsHere says:

I'm so going to try this out!
I love your videos 🤩

Virniecia says:

I love your videos! Please link where you got your dress 😭🙌🏾👌🏾

Nelly Doyley says:

Does anyone here in the comments have a sauce recipe that isn’t made from nuts. I’m not allergic but I dislike them so so much. I’ve tried to enjoy them all different kinds but I just don’t like them one bit

Makeup For Glasses says:

can't wait to try this 🙂

Ari A says:

Nice choice, using walnuts. I’ve used them in a pesto. Never thought to use them in an “Alfredo”
Thank you

Gone with the Kale says:

Why would anybody ever use dairy again? Love the reasoning of caramelizing the onions and garlic before blending too👍🏻

A Plant Based Journey says:

Sounds delicious. Love your dress too!

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