Easy Poke in 5 minutes: Poke Recipe with Tuna and Salmon (하와이 요리)

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Easy recipes at http://www.hungrygopher.com/easy-poke-recipe-with-ahi-tuna/ – This salmon and ahi tuna poke is easy, delicious, and nutritious with a #California touch of avocado.

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Mohamed Google says:

I don’t understand the accent, what’s wrong error 9999999999999999

A 1 says:

Why do Asian ladies always were animal style cute??? clothes, jewels and adornments? Like that Hello Kitty stuff?

Kamaka Aweau says:

Aloha!….That looks Ono. Very nice twist on the Poke Bowl "Love it" <3

Beans Iban says:

That headband made me to subscribe in no time

BlackPepper and Chef Bobby says:

This is another yummy dish that you have

Janel Z says:

Her voice doesn’t match her face..

현빈과 진원의 재미있는 동영상 says:

알로하! Hungry Gopher님, 제가 하와이 포크 요리를 했습니다. 이 포크에는 참치와 연어가 들어 있습니다. 참치와 연어가 없으면 꽁치 또는 고등어를 사용하십시오. 너무 맛있습니다, 고맙습니다! (??)

Skroto Perplejo says:

"California twist" because everybody knows that advocados are originally from California.

Average User says:

She must be from Germany or something. English is probably not her first language either.

isaias vasquez says:

Dam I really can't understand her English

linh hunt says:

what I like about your video is its easy. I dont have to make ponzu sc from scratch

Vivian Tristesse says:

Ah, so this is fast poke? I was looking for a recipe for slow poke. Sorry to poke fun!

Jordan King says:

I hope that salmon was properly frozen at some point at the right temperatures to ensure no parasites in the salmon. Worms and parasites in your body are not fun I imagine.

Tara King says:

Your accent is perfect!!!

Joanna Shiu says:

why you have to wear that ugly ear …….

Becausevideos says:

3:21: what's the orange stuff named?

Goku says:

I made mine a lil differently. It's in the fridge marinating. :/

Packy Hotass says:

You know, thanks for the recipe but there was a much easier way to cut an avocado.

Mels1705 says:

I've recently started making and eating Poke, as a more manageable path to my sushi addiction 😍 🍣🍣🍣.. Your recipe looks awesome! And I have to try it with the addition of roe at the end 😊

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