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ORDER THE COOKBOOK NOW! https://amzn.to/2wSsscu

Vegan Comfort Classics: 101 Recipes To Feed Your Face is a fun and irreverent take on vegan comfort food that’s saucy, sweet, sassy, and most definitely deep-fried, from YouTube sensation Lauren Toyota of hot for food.

In this bold collection of more than 100 recipes, the world of comfort food and vegan cooking collide as Lauren Toyota shares her favorite recipes and creative ways to make Philly cheesesteak, fried chicken, and mac ‘n’ cheese, all with simple vegan ingredients. Never one to hold back, Lauren piles plates high with cheese sauce, ranch, bacon, and barbecue sauce, all while sharing personal stories and tips in her engaging and hilarious voice. The result is indulgent, craveworthy food – like Southern Fried Cauliflower, The Best Vegan Ramen, and Raspberry Funfetti Pop Tarts – made for sharing with friends at weeknight dinners, weekend brunches, and beyond.

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diesel says:

I’ve never heard anyone with that surname..isnt it a car brand

Zoe Finucane says:

just ordered mine!

Moon Child says:

Jesus Christ her fucking body gets thicker every vid. I want to eat her and the food.

Meg Doyle says:

I just bought mine today! Omg I can’t get over the recipes. I can’t wait to make some

Zaidrian Martinez says:

I just bought it yesterday and the recipes look sooooo good!

Brianna says:

Adding this to my list! One thing I really like about your recipes on here is you aren't afraid of oil or spices. Everything looks so full of flavor.

Peter Brown says:

Your cookbook arrived today. There are some great recipes inside and I can’t wait to try them out! My only criticism is the font used on the recipe names and ingredients lists. It isn’t easy to read.

Trvll_Destiny says:

Just got this in the mail yesterday 😍🤗 and even my mom who’s a meat eater was impressed and said the food looks like the real deal 👌🏽

Brooke says:

can someone tell me if this has gluten free recipes too or are easily able to be converted to gluten free?

Y&S FOOD! says:

Outstanding video recording! Up here at Y&S FOOD! we adore to notice this kind of contents. We produce Travel & Food video too, all around the world, and so we are constantly seeking out inspirations and also creative concepts. Thank You.

Genessee Elder says:

I’m looking through it now and I love it!!! 🔥😘😋

starbjacky says:

It came in the mail today!! Yay!!! So excited!

D. Tucker says:

I want to order, but have to wait. 😔

shaneyia07 says:

I want your book!!

Wasarit Maat says:

I got my cookbook today!!! I'm so happy!! Wooohooo!!

sadaf sameni says:

THE BOOK CAME!! I just finished reading every single page of the book and now i'm actually starving. So proud of you Lauren!! This is the best cook book I have gotten my hands on<3

Tammy Glaim says:

Got my cookbooks yesterday! Just opened it today, but haven't had a moment to dive in! Ahhhh but I want to! Excited! Thanks to you Lauren! 💕💫didn't realized I ordered two, so now I can give one away! So happy 😀💃💫❤️

carolyn jordan says:

I believe mine is being delivered today!

Apeace27 says:

I am sooo excited!!! My book will be here tomorrow!! March is going to be my transition into vegan/plant based eating and I’m stoked to have the book, the ebook, the blog and this channel! You really are the Beyoncé of vegan food. Lmaoo! 🙌🏾👌🏾🧡

Debbie Howell says:

Just got mine today! SO HAPPY!!!!!

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