NY CHOW Report – Doubles at A&A Bake & Doubles

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Trinidadians in Brooklyn line up at A&A Bakes and Doubles for a traditional breakfast sandwich that is a change of pace from the usual doughnut or bagel. CHOW.com Contributing Editor Pervaiz Shallwani reports.

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Love my doubles!!!!

howchildish says:

my trini friend gave one of these (well, not from this store but yeah) to me and now i'm crazy for them

TheDarknessOfVoid says:

noooo those doubles are very nasty looking, its better with whole Chana

buru44 says:

Dude she's gone! Get over it! I think the episodes since have been much more diverse and interesting.

Maxime says:

this job looks so delicious

Skyduchess says:

Looks so good.

Eric Nguyen says:

@wawieism you should watch how to make some doritos consomme instead

Maryammmm says:

As a Trini girl, I approve of this video. Except don't call it shadow beni, that's just weird. It's Bandanya.

Michelle Batson says:

@MrJingjong thanks our country appreciate d love . an would love u to come explore our beautiful twin island

tislafl says:

Food deserves a plate, drink deserves a glass and we deserve Alex for fun.

Jay del Corro says:

@sexymichann I love your country too. Great food!

Michelle Batson says:

go trinidad and tobago. doubles is really great .love ma country

Fai Satchaphom says:


Annis K says:

Breakfast of champions!

Nizar M. Halloun says:

Alex Van Buren please!

GuitarHalo2 says:

wow that looks like vomit 😛

JohnWoo says:

alex van buren

Dbtrini says:

Now I am hungry and homesick 🙂

Martin Lundmark says:

Well think like this, a new generation of chow fans will "grow" up loving this guy. Because, seriously he is really good! And the rest of us can just watch old episodes with Alex.

Lap Gong Leong says:

@JFlopex i miss her already (cries deeply)

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