Best Vegan Vanilla Cake Recipe – Vegan Birthday Cake!

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**Apologies for the quality of this video. It was a dark, rainy, day and I clearly need to invest in lighting!

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In this video, I show you how to make the best vegan vanilla cake recipe ever!!!! This is the perfect vegan cake recipe for any occasion- holidays, parties, and it makes for the cutest vegan birthday cake when sprinkles are added on top! The cake is fluffy, buttery, and moist all at the same time. You can also make this recipe into vegan vanilla cupcakes.

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Victoria Kumari says:

I love baking but my mom never gets to eat what I make bc she doesn’t eat eggs. I felt bad so I made her these as cupcakes and BITCH! These were the best cupcakes I’ve ever eaten!!! I ate 5 and I feel like I’m gonna die but it was so worth it. My mom absolutely loved the cupcakes, she was so happy. And she’s a very picky eater so that’s saying something! Definitely making these again!

Ms. Aimm says:

You are super cute and have an amazing sense of humor 😂😂😂💕💕💕💕💕

Lirabella Chalmers says:

How’d she know I was making this on Tuesday

Victoria D. Wilson says:

Can I use cake flour instead of all-purpose flour

A.asghar Ahmadi says:

It would be great if you also say the amount unless how can we know how much?

JupiMeow says:

I'd like to leave a bit of constructive feedback if you'll have it.

I left your video after less than a minute because I got a trying-too-hard feeling from it. The jokes are nice but the way that are delivered is just too forceful. I don't tend to watch anyone who is yelling at the camera – even though I can turn down my volume it makes me uncomfortable. I prefer a video that is more conversational. I don't mean to pick, I just wanted to let you know my reaction so you can consider it in future productions since that's what I'd want my viewers to do. Best of luck to you. xoxo

Margarita Galves says:

Thanks for this ricepe)))

Nathalie Campos says:

Hi! I have a question, can I use orange juice instead of lemon juice?

Lazy Leigh says:

I'm not vegan I just wanted to eat the batter

Tali Gelfand says:

But it dosent say the how much of everything

Corina Aleman says:

Where is is recipe description?

Nicole Iriondo says:

Where is the recipe?🙃

Amanda McCleese says:

Would this recipe work well for making a rainbow cake? I was just wondering because you warned against over mixing the batter. It looks delicious btw!

Paul Swaby Cult Of Fashion - In the Limelight says:

Where does one find the full recipie for measurements?

Angel isidro says:

Guys but what are the measurements? ☹️

VeronicaSees says:

Recipe looks great! Anyone know the exact measurements for this?

Sandra Star says:

Where is the written recipe I don't see it in the comments

cc w says:

I love your energy so much! :)) this was my first time baking as a vegan, and the cupcakes turned out great! I was i afraid that i overmixed, but they look okay (thankfully). I took them out three minutes early after tooth pick checking though, just myown experience. They’re so light, fluffy, and moist! I definitely recommend this recipe. I’m so happy with the end result and it was unbelievably simple !😊

Yasmim Gomez says:

Looks so yummy good ! She’s so funny ! I realize everyone that’s vegan are 100% happy 😃! ♥️ vegan 🌱

Gina Lola says:

The entire time I’m watching all I can think of is “gross— put your hair in a pony please”

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