What a week of *normal* vegan food looks like from Trader Joe's

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chicken noodle soup recipe: https://thevegan8.com/classic-vegan-noodle-soup/
I used like double the bouillon & used almost all of a block of tofu (no potatoes)

peanut noodle recipe: https://www.feastingathome.com/thai-noodle-salad-with-peanut-sauce/

“Where did you get your ________?”
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emily ewing says:

I filmed this week of food about a month ago, before Miss Corona, so if it makes you a little bit sad to watch while your local Trader Joe's might be somewhat empty & buckwild… I apologize (or if you aren't able to leave the house to get groceries at all….) What a time….

Rachel Stephanie says:

uwaaa🤓, so glad you're back. i've been waiting for a new video for so longg. Your videos are fun!

Bridget Barry says:

who u fightin

Kysaundra Dawn says:

That mandolin looks awesome!!!

Grant Tobgo says:

She's so funny without even trying. Love this channel.

Mister Peabody says:

Where did you get the shredder thing? What is that called?

QueeningDaSalads says:

very beautiful

Miranda flurry says:

Where are the reusable produce bags from?

Eileen Preissegger says:

I love this video, so creative!

Two Cents28 says:

Please never stop making videos. Your sense of humor is what I need every day (quarantine or no quarantine).

Jules G. says:

Omfg. Same. I live in South Florida and Latinos have the insatiable need to stockpile 100 bags of beans. God save the vegans

Jules G. says:

You don't have to buy everything at Trader Joe's…. many grocery stores sell bagless produce. TJ's does a shitty job and omitting unnecessary plastic waste.

teddie eddie says:

shes so silly 😹 I just subscribed lol

zoey says:

Your camera quality is like TV commercial level quality its so Clean and nice

Madeleine Mironuk says:

idk if you live near a whole foods BUT the ‘delighted by hummus’ dessert hummus brand is THE BEST

Alisha Jessa says:

I have truffle powder!!!!!!!

Polina says:

During this time of uncertainty and panic over COVID 19, I just needed someone to calmly show groceries and talk about vegan meals. Thank you for helping me be chill!

SusanJane says:

Shred the apple — it'll need to be blotted a little but it's way easier to eat. This also works with pears that aren't too soft, as well as Asian pears. If you want to zag into another dimension try peanut butter, sunflower seeds, raisins, and grated carrot which is seriously YUM!

Brittany Harrison says:

@ me w. the herbs, also truffle powder… I need

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