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This is a paid AD by Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief. French Guy Cooking spices things up with this delicious Hot & Sour vegetarian soup. Crisp, fresh veg and tofu in a spicy broth with ribbons of egg topped off with chopped chives and coriander. The big, bold flavours in this beautiful dish will keep you coming back for more time and time again.

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Pia Parker says:

I have made this so many times now (with my own variations creeping in) and I am never disappointed. This has to be my favourite soup! Merci Alex! xx

Shukie Li says:

is it coincident that you're named after a celeb chef?

Jenni Rayflo says:

my man werkin that eyeshadow lol

Betta Aesthetics says:

waiting 3-5 seconds to stir after pouring the egg in makes the nice strands easier to accomplish .

MetaView7 says:

Wow this is good

Janna Maglinao says:

It's almost the same as my recipe but I usually add glass noodles, which makes it a one-dish meal. But yea, the 6 servings are just enough for me. Yumm! Love you, Alex!

Stephen Harris says:

I would go with a black vinegar from China.

Julia Troncoso says:

That was fantastic!

clip says:

french gay cookin

Lynn wnnl says:

It's almost the same as the hot and sour soup in China, same ingredients.

T zwcard says:

It will better if you add some corn flour into it. It helps thicker the soup and actually the texture is so good.

Gladys Leung says:

I like how you have all the right tools to cook it haha

Suryafara bracke says:

I love the garnish..Beautiful..

Suryafara bracke says:

Oh yumm..This is a good hot and sour soup.My mouth is watering. Slurrpp.. :p~

stark senap says:

Pls talk normal.

Ursula Shaikh says:

Can i replace the tofu with cooked prawns or chicken?

Olga Mukhina says:

i love his accent 😀

Tida Wei says:

I love that I am chinese and I am learning how to make chinese food from a french guy!!! hahahahahhahahahahah

AnnaBeth says:

I need to find someone who will talk bout me as this guy talk about "white pepper".
That will be rough.

biubiu says:

Few foreigners cook Chinese food in a Chinese way, and I am impressed by this chef. Further thickening this with corn starch will be what my mom would have done it. However, to see someone calling the knife that my mom and my grandma use for decades a "fuck off" knife is not impressive.
I've come to realise how the weight and the additional blade surface help with chopping bones and transferring prepared food to the stove, when I moved out of Hongkong and started cooking with western knives. Although I don't enjoy cooking with western knives I would not call them FUCK OFFs.
Please be respectful enough to first learn about how to properly use a tool before passing on your judgement.

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