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This Red Lentil Mushroom Spaghetti Bolognese will have all your friends and family—vegan or non-vegan—coming back for seconds and thirds!

A big thanks to Kim Sujovolsky with

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Van Pettway says:

I’m back again making this great mealll !!

nms lists says:

I made this and very good. I don't cook to well but I found it easy to make and the directions clear. One suggestion is to add some direction for spice measurement for inexperienced people like myself. I made it the first time without watching the video to see how to do the spices. The is a bit help. Thank you for putting this up!

Aki Tes says:

Thank you for this gem recipe. I love it so much. Especially your secret almond cheese…haha lady you are amazing keep it coming.x

vilko skorlich says:

“What’s wrong is calling them ‘Bolognese’
“May suggestion is that you organize a trip to Bologna so you can understand the cuisine,”
“The ragù you describe is terrible, so please stop inventing recipes.”
“Call this recipe what you want not Bolognese,”
Indeed, in a bid to protect the authentic Ragù alla Bolognese, the Italian Academy of Cuisine archived the ’true’ recipe with the Bologna Chamber of Commerce in 1982.
Bolognese, they say, is only ever served with Tagliatelle, and so ‘spaghetti Bolognese’(Or diferent pasta) quite simply, doesn’t exist.
Mushroom Ragu!

“It might be good, but please do not call it Italian,”
You match pasta shapes with specific sauces, and some can never be combined (porcini mushrooms go with pappardelle or tagliatelle, for instance, absolutely NOT with spaghetti).

Van Pettway says:

Thank you for this recipe ❤️ I'm back on this video this is my second time making this dish it's amazing

Constance Refani says:

Love its so yammy

Kareen Tavakoli says:

Made this today. Very good indeed.

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