BETH'S MID-WEEK TIP: Know Your Oven's Temperature!

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J&R Isaacson says:

So what makes you think that a $6 oven thermometer is accurate.? Also, you can adjust your oven setting (on some ovens at least) to match your thermometer (if you think it's accurate). Just pull off the knob and look at the other side, you'll figure it out.

Rai Mukherjee says:

Hey Beth just bought a new oven! I was wondering because I use your recipes quite often, is your oven a conventional one without a fan or does it have a fan? It would be great if you could reply! Thanks…

Klein O says:

hi, happy holidays, I just bought my first oven thermometer , I'm so confused because the red hand is pointed at 90 ° F , and when I tested it I preheated my oven at 180 °© I got Celsius unit in my oven , and then I checked my new thermometer it went up 420 ° F to 450° F

dbr r says:

Should we check the temperature rit after preheating?

Enaas Alzoubi says:

Now I know why the back of my cookies go brown befor the time is set , I was thought the oven's heat accurate and the problem in my recipe

Entertaining With Beth says:

Ha! Yes I love that little thing, works like a charm! So glad you enjoy the videos! 🙂

Qwikin Inn says:

It's kind of fun. I'm almost believing that my oven is actually the most accurate of all, as it seems to bake/cook everything as expected.
As an aside, one of my thermometers is the exact one which you depict here.
Thank you for your videos. They surely are enjoyable.

Entertaining With Beth says:

Oh no I had no idea that the variance could swing like that between oven thermometers! Yikes! Mine is an inexpensive one and it appears to work very well. My oven is off by 25 degrees and I have found just setting it 25 degrees higher has really made a difference! 🙂

Qwikin Inn says:

But just how do you know if the oven thermometer is accurate? I have 3 oven thermometers, by 3 different manufacturers, and they have a variance of as much as 40°F between them, in the oven, at the same time.
Some thermometers may be accurate, but they too are fallible.
I think a professional calibration of your oven is the 'best' way to go, yet I also believe it to be a bit extreme for most of us.
Nonetheless, a small price to pay to get a general idea of your oven's temperature.

Entertaining With Beth says:

Aw thanks 🙂 Same to you 🙂

TheComputerZombie says:

I've totally misunderstood the meaning of "If you bake"

Entertaining With Beth says:

Oh then this is perfect for you 🙂 You'll LOVE it! I just love mine and now wonder what I ever did without it? It makes all the difference! 🙂

BassCase says:

I think my oven always runs high which is why everything bakes way quicker than the given time in recipes, Imma try this tip 🙂

Claudia H. says:

Thanks for this! I had no idea they even sold oven thermometers. Headed to Walmart you fantastic Beth!!

H McCann says:

I would never have thought of that!! Thanks 🙂

Claire Chen says:

that's a good tip! thanks Beth 🙂

eline Andresen says:

can u please make an Oreo cake? please! 🙂

Mulan 121 says:

This is so true, my oven that came with my apartment messed up so many recipes. So when we got a house we invested in a really good oven and now we bake our own bread and its like like professional bread 🙂

iluvzebras1999 says:

Well, isn't that nice to know after about 13 years of baking? Ha. Thanks, Beth! This explains…. a lot, I will probably be trying this.

Marie-Andrée Loubert says:

I really hope these's types of video's (short tip) become a regular thing. I love the idea 🙂

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