Preparing British garden snails – Gordon Ramsay

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Gordon Ramsay visits a British snail farm and shows how to prepare ordinary garden snails for eating.

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إبتسام احمد says:

Eating shit like that no wonder why the brits look fucked up

Gaming AFL NBA says:

Australia why are you eating snails? Only France does that

meg B says:

These look really good, but I'm gonna spare the one in my terrarium. You get to live this time François…


only he can make england bugs look so nice

Oliver Conroy says:

I couldn’t even eat snails if Ramsay himself prepared them

bhgtree says:

I would not shell out even 5p for a snail….

tkm007 says:

Why do you swear so much?

Tyrant 101 says:

Im scared. I have pet snails

GeneralErica says:

"Now rumor has it that the like coming out in the wet, hence the reason why I'm fucking watering the garden for the first time ever." xD

peterinbrat says:

It's thought by some that snails were raised for food before other livestock by 1000s of years


Ide worry about snails in my back garden because of pesticides my lawn care people use. Plus….I don’t have any snails…prob best for the snails someplace else

Syrp Massena says:

He's trying to get away from garlic butter, instead uses bacon grease💁

Grunk says:

Whats the texture like of snails are they chewy? Im really curious

John LaPaglia says:

I would love to eat that. I'd pay 50 pounds for that dish.

Erin Brooks says:

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww am I the only one grossed out!!!!

Gayani Kapukotuwa says:

Boiling alive….. what a sin?

Malcolm Scrawdyke says:

I'm surprised he didn't deep fry them in batter, the scotch c*nt.

Riff Ferguson says:

5 pence!?! Fucking tight ass! Haha! 🤣

TheRub1c0n says:

How long do you boil the snails? What's that herb that's boiling with the snails? How long do I cook everything?

maurice says:

Looks like snot fucking gross lol

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