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This weeks meat free meal idea is this vegetarian mince lasagne. This is a really lovely one to enjoy as a treat on an Autumn/Winter evening or to share with friends and family.

► This recipe is from the Quorn Cookbook, the recipe online is slightly different to the one we used:

Thank you for watching. ♡
Alex xo

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Hi I’m Alex! I started writing a blog back in 2013 as a way to capture my thoughts, feelings and emotions as I married my childhood sweetheart and we had our first child. I’m now a Mum of two little boys (Ethan & Logan) and I’ve continued writing, photographing and videoing ever since as a way to remember all of the little details that make up this amazing journey of Motherhood.


Richard Moore says:

im doing this tomorrow thanks guys.

Simply Stacey says:

Looks super yummy, I can’t ever get my lasagne to come out neatly lol 😂 I have been into roasted veg lasagne recently. Such a nice family dinner. Love Adam’s multi tasking! Xx

Charly Best says:

Looks delicious 😋
Did Logan eat it lol x

Z M says:

This sounds amazing. Adding the pesto must be lovely- definitely trying this. Thank you for the vegetarian recipes, I’ve been a veggie all my life and love these videos. Xx

Awkward Alien says:

Do you ever find that your meat free mince takes on extra sauce and goes mushy?

Kim williams says:

Looks yummy 😋

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