Jamie's Spinach Pici Pasta

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This is one of my favourite recipes from Jamie’s new book Superfood Family Classics. Such a simple recipe. I love the fact that the Pici is so easy to make. Hope you enjoy it 🙂


hullohannah says:

Quick recommendation: I wouldn't use any fancy salt like Maldon to season your water (or even to season anything before it's cooked)! Just use a clean, cheap salt like kosher salt. Maldon and other fancy flake salts are better for finishing, because the clean flavor and awesome texture are lost in the cooking process.

rachimsjah Waworoentoe says:

May I know what kind of flour do you used to make that dough?

Os Vícios Dela says:

I've done it after watching Jamie's show. I loved it, except that the pasta was kinda "heavy". Next time I will roll it and make thin slices, like fettucini. I think it would be better…


8bit Richards says:

it was delicious but i had one problem, pasta didnt cooked all the way through and i left it in boiling water for like 15-20 mins and it was still like half cooked

rapatski says:

Cool recipe/video, but using Maldon salt to salt the pasta water is painful to watch… Please save the salt for seasoning where you can taste the flakes?!

Yvonne Randall says:

looks good, but where are the courgette?

Stephen Morris says:

One of my fav recipes however…if you watched his video of this you'll see that he is against straining the pica pasta and instead takes it straight out of the water into the frying pan!

Shirley Castle says:

I made this and it turned out so good

Sandra Oranje says:

Hi Danny. This looks yummy, I thought at first that you were using green beans 😁 but I need to try this as soon as I can get my hands on a foodprocessor. Did you know by the way Jamie and Jools had a new baby boy yesterday? Saw him on instagram, so darn cute. Hugs from the Netherlands. 😊😊

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