The Science Behind the Most Widely Used Allium in the World: Onions | What's Eating Dan?

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Did you know onions are the most widely use allium and the third most widely used vegetable in the world? In this episode, Dan answers questions like: Why do onions make you cry? What’s the best way to cut an onion? and many more.

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Watch the episode on our other favorite allium, garlic:

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Franky of Brodway says:

What about drying them?

Dylan Khadiken supporter of the first order says:

Ogres are like onions

thelasonj says:

loved this information thank you!!🧅🧅🧅

Peter Jones says:

personal onion dice technique avoiding horizontal cuts: radial tip to root slices, then chop. works 90% of the time, every time.

Eric Koontz says:

Dan, you didn't need to convince me to try onions. Cook with 'em all the time.
However… I want a cooking date with YOU!

cheifgreenhills says:

French onion soup?!?

C Byrd says:

Put the onion in the fridge for @10 min = few tears or wear glasses.


Just curious- can you do a video about radishes next???

Asian Muffin says:

garlic has entered the chat

Francine Town says:

Hey Dan … I am a huge fan of onions!
Glad to learn more about them! Thanks.
~Francine, from MT.

buddy77587 says:

I especially love the garlic bread educational video! Learned a lot!

buddy77587 says:

I Love your show

Sonia Gf says:

We eat cooked onion or uncooked?

Endothelial says:

Prefer raw onion

Nate Wilson says:

Ultimate way to eat it is on a Bunnings Sausage Sandwich … Aussies get this.

J-T Spooner says:

Same info as Alton would give but so much better to listen to and watch. Interesting without the ridiculous theatrics. Thanks Dan!

Colleen Beamer says:

I'm an onion lover! I eat onion sandwiches and I don't use sweet onions – regular yellow onions are fine with me! Sorry, if that makes me weird!

Rommel Bhargava says:

Every sunday I prepare caramalized onions and Tomatoes as meal prep. Speeds up cooking.

Andrew M says:

I appreciate that this channel hasn't changed to 20+ mins like others have with YouTube changes

Marzy1492 says:

Do you always need to charge for the recipes you have on youtube? On your, CooksCountry, Instagram page, they are a least free for a while

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