3 Pub Soups for your Vitamix (plant-based Split Pea, Beef Barley & Broccoli Cheese!)

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Today we’re making three plant-based, pub-style soups with help from our Vitamix: Split Pea, Beef Barley, Broccoli Cheddar! All three are super tasty, easy, and even good for kids. Watch! Click “Show More” for links for more useful tips

split pea recipe http://bit.ly/2M6Flta
beef barley recipe coming soon
broccoli cheese recipe http://bit.ly/2DH0gPr

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Life is NOYOKE says:

(most likely) last upload of the decade. see you in 2020 💚Gale Fam

Bonnie Reimann says:

Looks awesome – I’m going to try the split pea – can you tell me how large your pot is?

Ms T says:

Awwww look at the baby.

DavyDave1313 says:

I thought the whole point of having a high end blender is to make soup in it and not need to use a stove 🧐

This was really cool to watch but probably I won’t try. Looking for soups to make directly in the vitamix A3500 and nothing else

Jim James says:

Dude looks like Aram from Blacklist.

Jesper Maneksha says:

If I wanted a second set of blade to keep things separate. Would the S series blade work with the v1200 if I used the self detect bowls.I love the videos btw..

Phill Vowles says:

Thanks guys for the video. Oh my goodness, I didnt realise you were expecting. Congratulations to you all.

Om Maya says:

I appreciate when you share your recipes. All of soups look very yummy.

JC Coffee says:

Thanks to you guys, I finally have a vitamix. Thank you for sharing information and recipes, it helped me so much! I recommend your channel to anyone I know who has a vitamix or is interested in one. These recipes look awesome, I plan to try all of them. Hope you guys have a great holiday season.

Itazuke Dee says:

Put some of that dark beer in the soup ..yum

DeanP InTheSun says:

Ty Ty – So great! Had me scared with the "beef" and the "cheese" but yep – is the healthy options =) Ty eh – will try them! Miss the barley one the most – but love all 3!

Alex V says:

Wow that just convinced me NOT to buy the 8oz container. Those nuts were not getting crushed at all lol

Rissa Mae says:

New subscriber, can I just say I love that you add how to make it WFPB 🤗.. Im looking into getting my 1st Vitamix. Do you know how long the holiday sale will last? If I'm not able to purchase it now, when is the next best sale time?

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