Jamie Oliver & Family React… to themselves.

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In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Naked Chef. We got the family together and got them watching some of the funny clips from the last 20 years! A trip down memory lane for the whole Oliver clan.

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Highland Mussels | Jamie Oliver | Jamie’s Great Britain

Roasted Sardines | Jamie Oliver

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C S says:

Jamie – you changed the way we eat at home.

Teresa Carmen says:

You can feel the friction and sadness and disrespect for this man that I personally feel he deserves better, jules obviously has some kind of a problem with Jamie that she clearly couldn't hide Quite sad really Dear Jamie's family please remember that it is thanks to this man that you live in a lovely home and thanks to this man that you have all that you have..so a bit if respect and gratitude people ..Dear Jamie my Dad made sure we had respect for him and you are too soft and because you are too soft you have been taken advantage of. We have all grown up with you jamie and luv you very much 🙂

JahJJMac says:

I remember pre-naked chef when you came up to Babington house- you were at river cafe and they’d just “discovered” you… I think it was ‘98, I was a chef at babington house and remember them bringing you into the breakfast room for a meeting

Anne Fortin says:

1:04 bottom right corner… 😀

Lisa Power says:

Your family are absolutely adorable you’re all sooooo beautiful & blessed to have each other. You have made me a brilliant cook, everyone compliments me on my cooking skills & my success is down to you & your videos & currently we are all enjoying Buddy’s videos & my boys are now joining in with the cooking too.. Much love to you all 💗

Stephen Charles says:

Stuff all the staff you shafted by the way! Shame on you…

Ronika Ramtin says:


Sandy Wakefield says:

You guys are cute

Ingrid Mitchell says:


julie wood says:

Beautiful natural loving family. So lucky Jamie and Jools 😁

Chantal Feraud says:

Bonjour Jamie vous avez une jolie petite famille

Yukie From Oz says:

Good to see they are still together and happy. I thought they were on the rocks at one point.

kiwi Chick says:

Love it gorgeous family

Katya Prykhodko says:

What a nice and happy family! Very pretty everyone! Love your food Jamie! Thank you so much! Just continue doing what you are doing now! Bless you and your family!

swiftvixen says:

Love your weirdness Jamie

Lê Sathie says:

Jeux and daughter looks like twim sisters !

Wendy-lee Morris Sirrom says:

U r a legend🌈😊🙏💖🇳🇿

MrWalbudri says:

Really enoyed that.. Well done xxx

Mar Abalorios says:

Me encantan 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

Nina Courchesne says:

Congratulations on your 20 years!! I been following you since the beginning, bought all the books, watched all the shows, to me you are the best Chef!! Thank you for sharing the history, and congratulations on your greatest achievement: your family! Sending best wishes from Quebec!

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