Vegan Collard Green Gumbo

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Here’s my theory. Just because we’re eating somewhat healthy and 100% plant based doesn’t mean the food has to lack flavor. I love taking the flavors I grew up with and presenting them in brand new ways. I will admit, I didn’t grow up eating and cooking gumbo. But, one trip to Bourbon Street and I started to understand!!! So, now, I take what I did grow up eating and introduce it to my time spent in New Orleans for a wonderful treat!


Carlo Fantozzi says:

I'm from New Orleans and I can't wait to try this.

Alissa Butler says:

Can’t wait to make this

mPEREKtion Designs by Crittique says:

Born and raised in Louisiana, still live in Louisiana, and I promise, in my 68 years on this earth I have never heard of this dish before. Every day you learn something new.

T Mac says:

Are all the ingredients organic, gluten free ( no American chemically treated in storage wheat product; better to by overseas where unlike America those chemicals in the human food supply chain have made illegal in order to make their citizens as a whole healthier band disease free from the food supply)and totally Non GMO aka genetically altered veggies? If not, then you can't call in truly vegan.

Connie Settles says:

ohhh myyy…with some cornbread…yes please!!!!

KeKe Key says:

Ooooohhh….myyyy……GAWDDD! THIS MAN CAN BURN! My mouth waters like a hose, watching his videos. He can make shit look like sugar! Lol

Elaine Yvette says:

I was concerned because that roux was a little light, and then he added fennel powder, and I didn't see any okra and tomatoes.But he added filé, so almost.

LRS says:

Darius I make this all the time bc of you. It’s absolutely delicious

Carmen Langland says:

Great JOB, wonderful CHIEF, i love this recipe, 🤗🤗👍👍👍👍👍

Katy Arnold says:

Hello, Chef Darius can I use fresh collard greens instead of frozen?

Katy Arnold says:

I am making this vegan collard greens gumbo. Darius you are a amazing!! Chef. I'm subscribing to your channel. The collard gumbo looks so delicious!!


Thanks man I’ve been looking for this

Iamthewildtruth says:

Heyyy my brother shake the barber cuts your hair!! I hope my message of how great your recipes are got to you❣️

Renee C says:

Hell yea big brother! Looks good! That how we do it Louisiana style!

Dashawn Merriweather says:

Looks good can do a version without a lot of dried seasons more of a fresh zherbs style gumbo maybe?

Dev'n A says:

Looks so yummy 💙Your cooking videos, always come with unique recipes! I can't wait to try this with cornbread instead of rice .

Tamatha Wilson says:

I'm trying this

Mickey Mouse says:

I made this for dinner tonight and it was so good!

Genevieve Darrett says:

OMG !!!!! "U put ur foot in it " Thanks going to try this ..Thank you . You have a blessed heart ..

Yo-YoMcGee says:

Man! I’m so glad I found this, come threw

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