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Creamy Pasta dishes aren’t exclusively for non vegans anymore this is an incredibly indulgent Carbonara, you can’t tell the difference. It has such a depth of flavours that just make you want more. If this doesn’t please everyone you know we’d be very surprised.

Written recipe: https://thehappypear.ie/recipe/vegan-carbonara-in-five/

All the best,
Dave & Steve.

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1operamom says:

Painful to watch, poor sick puppy dog.

The One says:


ISAAC - Official says:

His sneezing is literally so cute just saying haha

lynn farley says:

I luv ya but no cookin for me if yer sneezin –

Ace McLoud says:


Paudi B says:

The onions should have been first then the mushrooms THEN the garlic which was overcooked and becomes bitter.Bad recipe

kdogggggggggggg says:

Eh fresh pasta takes 3 min

Shirley Kump says:

Where can we get your cookbooks?

M says:

Yo they odeed with the basil tho

Nandita Sudha Tiwari says:

I so wanted to watch the whole video. But I do have this thing when anybody sneeze near me or I see people sneezing while I am having a food then I can't eat any further. I know crazy 🙆🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

Allana Ram-Budway says:

Thanks guys! I made this about a month ago and Hubby just gobbled it up! Off to make it again now…. oh and I bought this book a month ago too… for Hubby and my 33 wedding anniversary! Just love all of your recipes! You's have truly inspired me! :o)

Binny Lane says:

Seriously sneezing all over the food? Yuck!

Brady Hargett says:

Any ideas if i don't have cashews?

LuckyM says:

I'm eating vegan since a while but the original carbonara taste is impossible to replicate vegan. You simply can't. I wonder if there are different vegan cheese replacement different from the nutritional yeast. Cause in carbonara there is Pecorino (from sheep),and guanciale(the face of the pork),totally different from bacon or Pancetta that come from the belly. Oh and in the original carbonara there is also no garlic at all.

Paula Hernández says:

I've just done this. Best carbonara ever! Thanks for your amazing recipes guys! 🙂

Ed Barrood says:

why the liquid smoke. pancetta isn't smoked.

Ed Barrood says:

you really shouldn't film with a cold. antihistamines are vegan, especially on filming day.

KhaMo says:

ok i'm italian so i'll tell you how to do a 5 minute vegan carbonara, carbonara is only eggs, guanciale, black pepper, salt STOP so for a vegan carbonara you can use tofu+ vegan cream for the creamy consistency and smoked tofu for the guanciale, add a bit of tumeric and black pepper to the cream and stop, that's it!

veronica ashby says:

Looks so good! So for the shredded cheese, did you use your Parmesan cheese recipe?

JoaniMaster says:

Stop with the fake italian accent, the cringe is unreal. Carbonara just doesent work vegan, you have to brutally lie to yourself so that you get convinced it does. The pasta is the only plant food in a carbonara, so everything else will be a substitute, being vegan= forget carbonara. Anyways there are some good vegan creamy pasta dishes out there, but what you did, it was a messy, vomit looking pile of overcooked mush! GET OUT

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