How to Make Farmhouse Chicken Noodle Soup and Pot Roast in your Pressure Cooker

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Test cook Becky Hays makes host Julia Collin Davison the fastest-ever Farmhouse Chicken Noodle Soup in the pressure cooker. Then, tasting expert Jack Bishop challenges host Bridget Lancaster to a tasting of Gruyere. Next, science expert Dan Souza reveals the science behind pressure cookers. Finally, test cook Elle Simone makes Bridget the perfect Pressure-Cooker Pot Roast.

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Joyce Thomas says:

i'm very curious as to why you always use round wooden spoons vs. a flat edge to scrape the frond?? i find the flat end wooden utensil is more efficient.. and how 'bout if you want potatoes and carrots w/the roast?? can you do that in the pressure cooker, too???

AdiTube says:

super tasty

Cindy Yan says:

Can you tell me what brand is the fat separator? Is it OXO?

Julie Keenum says:

So I have an instant pot. Still cook only 20 minutes? I would love to try this!

LJ A says:

it's ribs of celery. a stalk is the entire plant. why can't even professionals get this right?

Night Traveler says:

Finally have seen how to use a Fissler pressure cooker, had no idea a whisk of steam needs to come out.

Robert Hunter says:

Thank you Julia for explaining the reason behind quick and slow release, I always just did what the recipe called for, but never understood why. Now, with better understanding, I can structure my meals better. Ok, I'd never seen a fat separator like that, that has to be the coolest, most necessary kitchen gadget ever. You learn so much with ATK videos it's not even funny. Better than any culinary arts school (no offense, and I did attend one). Keep up the good work.

pangkaji says:

I always cook the noodles separate. Only add the noodles at the last moment.

Roary Calhoun426 says:

ding-ding-ding-duh-duh-DING-DING….. UNDER PRESSURE!

Sean Kammer says:

hehe . she wants a quick facial.

Chuck Saint says:

ATK has made me able to cook for myself – all the techniques and tricks, plus the recipes are the best! just follow them step-by-step and you will have the best meal.

tihzho says:

Loved the video, and is it just me, or does Becky remind you of Carol Burnett?

tihzho says:

My grandma made chicken soup in a pressure cooker much the same way except she cut up the chicken first, boiled the egg noodles separately then added them to the soup.
As a kid I was fascinated by the hissing little dancing hat.

netdog713 says:

looks awesome but that 20 minute completion time is pretty misleading- with prep and shredding the chicken and cooking the noodles it is probably closer to an hour.

Richard Lenzo says:

Becky and Julia, that's too much steam coming out for not even being over-pressured. It should release almost nothing–just a wisp, like Julia said. Get the check-valve replaced or clear the seal. I have this cooker. It's great.

Robert Romero says:

Should have said two ribs of celery, not two stalks.

Liberty Leslie says:

I am gonna have to try the chuck roast in my pressure cooker. Reminds me of the over priced on at Trader Joe's where I buy a lot of bread to soak up every drop of the gravy for..sandwiches….or ANYTHING
. Would be awesome if it tastes as good …..Could have it more than a couple of times a year.

Donna Norris says:

Does anybody still buy & use pressure cookers like this now that instant pots been invented?

M Anthony says:

Why not use a instapot

USNVA11 says:

I’ve had an InstantPot DUO60 electric pressure cooker for several years now. It’s the most awesome kitchen appliance that I’ve ever purchased ! It gets used several times a week in my house ! 😋

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