How to Make Perfectly Fluffy Falafel and Moroccan Lentil and Chickpea Soup

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In this episode, test cook Elle Simone and host Julia reveal the secrets to making foolproof Falafel at home. Tasting expert Jack Bishop challenges Bridget to a tasting of canned chickpeas, and test cook Becky Hays makes Bridget the ultimate Harira (Moroccan Lentil and Chickpea Soup).

Get the recipe for Falafel:
Get the recipe for Harira (Moroccan Lentil and Chickpea Soup):
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Megan Jarvis says:

how to cook floor if there is NO microwave?, do not and will never own a microwave. Any solution to cooking the flour WITHOUT microwave?

DickEr Down says:

Now that looks very good.

Lantanana says:

Vegans and Vegetarians everywhere thank you for this episode!

Dbirdey Capozzi says:

Wow! These two recipes are keepers in my book!
Where has harira been all my life?!

Spend Less, Craft More says:

thankyou for the informative video

Steve Farber says:

The paste you added to the falafel is a tangzhong, in point of fact, doing what tangzhong's do keeping things moist and tender. Just sayin'.

Yaria Samavan Carlan says:

😭 not gluten free

Richard Miller says:

How do you make beheading sauce?

Toni Jam says:

If you go equal part garbanzo beans and fava beans, you get an even tastier falafel 🙂 i would also grind it up a little more. Great job ladies!!

Daniel V says:

Love you guys. Have you ever researched okonomiyaki? Head some in Japan and gave not found a good way of making it.

Mahmoud Mostafa says:

Stop making falafel with chickpeas! they are made with fava beans.

Aurelius74 says:

"Smoked paprika – the bacon of the spice world." Couldn't agree more!

Let these flaws glow says: what about quarantine’s pancakes?? 🥞

Ramiro Monserrat says:

Too bad this version is not gluten free…. You can just use chekpea flower

Jose Rivera says:

If is Goya it has to be Good! ¡Si es Goya tiene que ser bueno!

Alexandra Ose says:

Yall should really break the episodes into the sections of recipes, testing, and reviews, to be able to see them all separately.

Michael Crumpton says:

Putting those beautiful falafels in a store bought pita is practically sacrilege.

Ilostmypick says:

Can falafel be baked in the oven instead of fried?

shoepmr says:

You’re supposed to mash the falafel in the sandwich so that you get falafel throughout each bite.

marianne030 says:

Can you use yellow lentils?

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