Simple Pastas: Pasta Primavera

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Along with Becco’s Chef Billy Gallagher, I prepare penne with spring vegetables. Recipe:


Hardin Luzonia says:

Dont Talk top much Madam pls

Mary Holmes says:

Another way to enjoy asparagus, thank you.

Jean Underhill says:

Another great recipe. Thank you. 🙏

Gayle J. Lang says:

Can I come over?

Nkiru Azikiwe says:

Damn! Been watching Lydia since I was a kid. I didn't know she had a YouTube channel! 😊 She makes everything so simple and beautiful

Marilyn Grace says:

Pasta water is your friend ❤️i just learnt last week from you guys ❤️

Christine says:


Josie Gonzales says:

This will be as a good side dish with shrimp or chicken or steak mmm!!!!😋😋😋

Maria Maria says:

She always makes pasta dishes so easy to make. Luv watching her vids!

nemo says:

Becco is not a propitious name in Italy. It means the male of the sheep or a man betrayied by his woman. It means also the beak of an animal, of course.

leslie santos says:

Iloveyou, Aunt Lidia!!! Siamo pronti a tavola a mangiare…!

KrunkTina says:

I love her personality ❤️❤️❤️

Sunrise2day says:

Oh my goodness, I can't take it. My mouth is watering!! I have to make this recipe. Love your channel!!!

Dawn B. says:

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your channel. So many delicious and easy recipes to choose from. 🍷🍷

Dorothy Atchison says:

Good thing Lidia helps us out or we Anglos would never learn to cook 😉

Animal Lover says:

I think he tries to talk like robert de niro when he cant speak italian

Debbie Gilbert says:

Love Lidia she is the real deal, the food is simple but looks delicious.

Shyamla Rao says:

I loved your this viggy pasta❤️❤️

Anna Zeman says:

This is so nice! I have found this dish in only one restaurant in NYC many years ago when I was lucky enough to live in Brooklyn. BTW, I have never found pesto in any restaurant. I will try making Primavera with some frozen vegetables. I figure I can skip blanching, as that has already been done. When you live in some places outside big, older cities it is hard to find real food 🙁 .

Rebeca Ramirez says:

Oh my good woman 😘😘😘

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