GIANT VEGAN GROCERY HAUL | UK Vegan Options in Sainsbury's & Asda

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Yesterday we went on a road trip with a twist… We drove up to the North of Ireland, and spent the day grocery shopping and hunting for new vegan options to try in Sainsbury’s and Asda! I guess I really am becoming a grownup, because the excitement was real πŸ˜‚

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emmarocks says:

If you get that cold brew you may want to add some honey or flavoured syrup if you have a sweet tooth. It is underwhelming and bland if your used to stuff that packs a punch

Opal Wilde says:

Awesome video :), picota cherries are my favourite! I get so excited when they appear in the shops every year! xxx

Gemma Jordan Vlog says:

Sorry for comment spam! But how much did all of this cost! I think your sorted for a month! Or longer hahah!

Gemma Jordan Vlog says:

omg i had those candy kittens before!!! They were so good!!!

Gemma Jordan Vlog says:

I didnt even know your vegan!!!!!!

Happy Mama! says:

Love the haul, love the meat replacements but found out recently I have a wheat and yeast allergy, so I can’t have them any more! 😭😭😭

Would love to see a Christmas food haul 🀩🀩

Vegan Mental Iron says:

Ooooh, the sourdough pizza base looks sooo good. This is such a great grocery haul! You have a soothing voice, but at the same time, your enthusiasm is contagious πŸ™‚ I'm new to your channel, and already love it.

Earth and I says:

Hi,I just found your channel, it's so interesting how you guys do it in UK!This is a HUGE haulπŸ˜†Thanks for sharing!

T&D Life says:

I seriously love how excited you were doing this video! So fun! Probably the most fun I have had watching a grocery haul!

Shaka Cooper says:

New Vegan here!! Thanks your video was very informative. I love that there are so many choices shown!

Mary McCartney says:

Grocery hauls are one of favorite videos! Especially when it’s a vegan haul from another country, it’s so interesting to see what different things are coming out across the world. Plus groceries are the adult equivalent of toys for me, I just love food!!!πŸ˜„P.S. I’m really hungry now!

Emelie Thomas says:

After watching this haul, I got so hungry that I got myself some chocolate πŸ˜‚ I love grocery hauls! 😍 I think Vivera is also available in Belgium but I haven't tried any of their products yet. But I know Quorn and love a lot of their meat substitutes. I also love the Nakd bars!

Tara Conlon says:

Ok all of this looks AMAZING… I was so anxious watching it though knowing all the frozen stuff was slowly defrosting as you spoke πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Irish Mountain Child says:

Drooling all over the place here!! Looks delicious! 🀀🀀🀀🀀

Nicola Coyle says:


Jessica Lawlor says:

Can't wait for you to try the shroom dogs they really are the one! Wasn't keen on the linda roast thing I fed it to Frank the glaze was weird! Hope you like it though!

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