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Hello everyone! I am Francesca. This is a longer video so grab a snack and settle in! Everything you need to know is in the description box. Thank you so much for watching! If you like this video then please make sure to subscribe, like and comment.

My philosophy to a vegan lifestyle is much more relaxed. I want people to know this lifestyle is easy and super rewarding. However, please know I am not trying to push veganism on anyone. I just wanted to make this for people considering veganism, new vegans, old vegans or anyone just generally interested in veganism.

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Gsalvadorena says:

Love your video! Everything is so true….I'm a vegetarian but same stuff goes cuz I felt a lot of those emotions when I first went vegetarian 3 yrs ago. Thank you for that!

Kelvin M says:

It's great to see an honest practical vegan 🙂

LovingAtlanta says:

👍I agree with your statements but I’m at the point in my life where I don’t feel like I owe any one an explanation about what I choose to eat or not eat. 😁 It’s not even up for discussion or debate. When I get questions about my food choices I may make a one line statement if I feel like it but mostly I eat various food because I like/love it and/or it’s good “for me”. 🤗💞🤗

LovingAtlanta says:

🤨🤔😔It’s frustrating how getting proper nutrients / vitamins a-z is an issue😔

Pepperpot666 says:

Thank you for this great video, being vegan for more than 6 months I can relate to all your points and maybe add one more.
Once you start to inform yourself, read up on the ethics and enviromental aspects prepare for a time of feeling depressed, because you cannot believe how the world and everyone could this let go that far. It is like in the Matrix, once you take the "pill" you cannot make yourself forget what you have learned.

Emily Vander Velden says:

I'm so glad you mentioned that it's not a requirement to watch all the documentaries. I decided to go vegan without watching any and sometimes it's like I felt this weird pressure to watch them anyway just because I know that's how a lot of people make the switch. But I can't even watch a short clip of slaughter/cruelty on social media without feeling sick and losing my compassion for human beings who could do such things, and the entire point of me switching to veganism is to extend my compassion as far as it can possibly go haha, so it defeats that purpose. Loving all your videos! 💕

Shannon Emerick says:

Love this video! Super relatable.

Claudia Lopez says:

The most common comment I get is “God created animals for us to eat them” 🙄🙄 thank you for your honesty! I’m ready to go to war xxo

Mae Raich says:

I've been a vegan for about 2 months and I get a lot of negative comments, especially since I live in Austria where the traditional food is very far from plant-based so people just don't even understand what they are talking about, haven't done any research or looked at any studies and don't even know the slightest bit about nutrition. So thanks for this video, it has really helped me cope with all this negativity and helped me understand what an amazing lifestyle this is❤

Anneke Broekhuis says:

The thing with hard/rude comments from family imo is; they didn’t see what i see. They don’t have pictures or videos in their head with what happens with animals… I think it’s hard to say what you feel. They don’t have the same perspective on things and the comment I get most I think is: buy organic meat or whatever. We have in Holland like 1,2,3 stars (or none) on a package of meat. So 1 star means a little more space and care for the animals… 3 is “the best”. But I think these stars means nothing because some activist last put footage on the internet at a farm with some dead chickens and they had some stars. The farmer deffend himself and said “I love my animals”… WHY DO YOU KILL THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE?? That’s not love :/. But that was not my point haha. Some people still just don’t understand why I don’t eat eggs or drink milk. They can accept don’t eating meat. I think it’s hard for them to make the connection. But I wish I don’t have to justify myself because WHAT DOES IT MATTER what I do and I wish people just be nice. My family (like mother/father/brothers/sisters) kinda accept it, except 1 brother he lives on his own, so he don’t see a lot of my changes. Always when we discuss something he is getting angry or something.

Katy Kehle says:

I love you and I love this video. I'm excited for more videos.

Jazzmin Kaita says:

Aw! Your so beautiful Francesca! 😍Amazing video! 💓I can definitely relate to all your tips! ❤️🙌🏻 You are truly awesome! 😘 I really enjoyed watching this video, your so funny and I've literally been in almost all of your realistic vegan topics! 😉❤️

Alethea Todaro says:

First off you're gorgeous 😍😄!!! I love how real you are. Thank you for shedding light on veganism. You are so intelligent and amazing.

Tana Makes says:

This video was so different from the usual how to go vegan video and I loved it! You really did make veganism look attainable and realistic to the average person.

And for the people who think they're going to miss foods, there are so many options now and tricks to be learned! Like last night I made a lemon butter sage and "parmesan" pasta and the first thing my boyfriend said was "tastes cheesy" and all I put for the cheesy taste was nutritional yeast and very finely crushed cashews.

Also, if an Italian can go vegan, anyone can do it, cus y'all go hard with the cheeses especially 😂

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