Quick Family Pizza | Jamie, Petal & Buddy Oliver

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Straight from http://jamieol.com/FamilyFoodTube this is a brilliant cheats pizza that your kids will love to make and eat with you. No need to wait for the dough to prove and ready to serve in 10 mins – it’s a tasty treat which can be topped with sneaky goodness too. Perfect for some half-term fun!

What toppings would YOU choose? We’d love to hear all your flavour combos in the comments box below.

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Pardis Heydari says:

I made it and it was perfect 👍🏻

Aziza Gaafar says:

Saw I like your family work

Salty Bear says:

apparently it’s funny and cute to confuse your son’s gender… come off it Jamie

Viola Shabo says:

Может русские здесь?

Wandia Florence says:

Cute kids ,♥️♥️👍

Ritchie Valens says:

Keep it real Buddy 🤣

A Gorgeous family, stay healthy and safe ❤️

IgnatzArts says:

does it work with normal flour too?

Simone Baillie says:

This show is so great. Can''t wait to make this.

Maria M says:

Love this but how can you make without fryng pan that also goes into oven?

malka cantor says:

Just love this video and how they are learning to help. And need the loo. lol

A. B. says:

Buddy is brilliant!! Thst eas the fastest deliciuos looking pizza …I'm making it. Thx!!@

missy mason says:

Amazing family…this had been family followers of Jamie's cooking for long time…..moving forward..lol lol this family still love learn and cook with Jamie Oliver…

Chams Nour says:

Merci infiniment pour cette magnifique recette Avec les ingrédients 🍍🍒🍐

Perm Chana says:

Made these for the kids today, really quick and easy recipe. Great quick treat

Jester Stars says:

The pizza probably taste good, but hear me out, it looks like a blind eight year old with Parkinson's made it midway through a seizure, and I'm expected to accept that this man is somehow a chef?

Diamond Lil says:

What a Lovely Family, thanks for sharing 👑👑👑👑🥧🥰

Mon Wilkinson says:

Can you use gluten free flour?

Jenny Weyman says:

More cheese, all that calcium, laying down bone until age 30.

The whitest Javelin says:

My 7 year old son absolutely loves the new Buddy Oliver videoes, he immediately went out and tried to follow up with the pancakes, and are begging me to buy the ingredients for some of the other recipes.
Can't comment on those videos, so just wanted to say damn well done Buddy!

Ricky Darcilover says:

What I love about Jamie is he is a real person. I don’t think he’s got a politically correct bone in his body, and he’s bringing up those beautiful kids the same way. Anyone else would have edited the video, If their son went out to take a wee. Not Jamie, he turned it into comedy gold. And I just watched another video which featured a slightly older Buddy. I nearly choked on my drink when Buddy, who was making pancakes said “Don’t worry about the mess, your parents will clean it up.

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