How To Make A French Mayonnaise Sauce (in just a few minutes)

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How To Make A French Mayonnaise Sauce: The French mayonnaise sauce is simple, delicious and only takes a few minutes to make. In this tutorial I demonstrate the technique on how to make a French mayonnaise sauce .it is usually made with sunflower or peanut oil but you can use other oil . just do not use olive oil as it will give a bitter taste and alter the colour of your mayonnaise.

ingredients and recipe on the website:


philip sajet says:

no garlic???

Ryakin Barton says:

Why's it considered french?

Kezia Jiao says:

Thank you. It looks so good

PrinceCharming says:

and why its French?They do it the same way all over the world,lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Tobus 71 says:

I made this tonight! it was so easy, why would you buy it? Thank you!

T. V. says:

Gee, I thought it would be something unusual, but it's not different than any other recipe! In addition, I was told by a chef NOT to use a metal dish to beat eggs, as it makes them darker!

King Kong says:

Ha! It worked.

CuddlyBear says:

What kind of oil does one use?

C Finch says:

My mother used to make mayo using this exact same recipe only she used a blender. It's inexpensive, and delicious. Thanks for a simple, clear and effective method. I've subbed.


The simple is the best ! Thanks your video !

Ailufyu Puool says:

Egg yolk, olive oil, black pepper, salt, dijon mustard

الجوري says:

good very simple

alejandro ojeda says:

What's the difference between this mayonnaise and a dijonnaise?

alejandro ojeda says:

Mayonnaise's origins are actually disputed….the sauce was widespread in southern France "aragon" and the balearic island before It became known in french cookbooks. The name might come in fact from the city of Mahón in menorca.

Tiffany Grimsely says:

eating raw egg will give you salmonella

younes houssaini says:

C’est pas de la bonne désolé

bilo Z says:

Stephen you use fresh egg yolk without cooking but this is not healthwise bec it transmits salmonella !!!
I prefer lesieur brand it’s the best

Kenneth Woolard says:

150 Ml =.634 Cup

Saqlain Afzal says:

How can we use mayonese for eating

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