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Stuck for inspiration, or find rice recipes boring? Here’s a great Spanish Rice Recipe that needs only a few extra ingredients. It tastes even better with grilled chicken on top.

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Ingredients (serves 2 | Prep time: 5m Cooking time: 15m | 680 calories & 19.5g fat p/serving)

– Quick cook Rice (200g)
– Onion (x1)
– Garlic (x2 cloves)
– Chorizo Sausage (handful)
– Chicken or Veg Stock Cube (x1)
– Turmeric (x1 tsp)
– Cumin (x1 tsp)
– Oregano (x1 tsp)
– Olive Oil
– *Optional* Chicken – Grilled


Miss marshmellow says:

Nadine volkov if u still need to know he used turmeric cumin and oregarno

Nadine Volkov says:

What are the 3 spices you used?

brakaner says:

good and simple, thanks !

mimilovesfish says:

I have to try this! 😀 -subbed-

Rebecca Sun says:

awesome! thanks!

Warren Nash says:

Oh yes, that will probably taste even better. No need to add as much water (if any) if using.

Rebecca Sun says:

can you use liquid chicken or beef stock instead of the dried kind?

Warren Nash says:

Oh God I know (if I don't say so myself)!!! Such an easy way to jazz up boring old rice. Cheers.

claire130569 says:

Oh my! this is so tasty, absolutely delicious and so easy to make, thank you. x

Elite says:

Looks more Indian than Spanish. :/

Warren Nash says:

Thanks very much. You're probably right, sounds better than 'English Rice' though!!!

Gabby Arciniega says:

Looks awesome .. not that spanish .. but awesome .. :)! Always love your recipes

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