Vegetarian Gumbo – How To Make Gumbo – Vegan Recipe

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This Vegetarian Gumbo is very easy to make. If you are a Vegetarian, there is no reason that you can’t get your Gumbo fix. This Vegetable Gumbo may not be as hearty as an Authentic Gumbo Recipe, but it still has most of the flavors that a Traditional Gumbo has. I chopped these vegetables a bit larger than usual to make it is hearty as possible.

Ingredients for Vegetarian Gumbo:
*3/4 Cup Canola Oil
* 1 Cup Flour
* Cups Vegetable Broth
* 12 Ounces Amber Beer
* 1 1/2 Cups Chopped Onions
* 3/4 Cups Chopped Jalapenos
* 3/4 Cups Chopped Orange Peppers
* 3/4 Cups Chopped Red Peppers
* 1 Cup Sliced Celery
* 3/4 Cups Sliced Okra
* 3 Portobello Mushrooms Cubed
* 4 Cloves Minced Garlic
* A few Dashes Worcestershire Sauce
* 1 Tbsp. Chopped Fresh Thyme (use 1/2 if using dried)
* 2 Bay Leaves
* 1 Tbsp Cayenne Pepper (Or to taste)
* 1 Tbsp. Paprika
* Salt To Taste
* Gumbo File To Taste
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How To Make Vegetable Gumbo

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No Hippie BBQ & Cooking says:

I may have said chicken broth instead of vegetable by accident in this video

Bob Sax says:

Chicken broth?

Trina Grady says:

I was rolling on the floor! Pointing toward those frozen shrimps… the receipe was amazing. I didnt need to used the shrimp. I just needed your vegan gumbo. Thanks for sharing. Others should try. Perfect step by step instructions.

ayeee160113 says:

it looks great, but why the beer? I've never used beer in gumbo! And not a huge deal, but if you're using okra, you don't need a roux! i know it sounds sacrilegious, but okra thickens just as well as a brown roux would, if not better! That being said, if you still want that dark brown color, saute the onions until they're damn near burnt before you add anything else (I do this even when i use a roux). and use a roasted veggie stock!! it will be darker and richer in flavor than a normal veggie stock would.

Elaine Ealy says:

You just ruined it with the chicken broth. I thought this was vegetarian?

Lele Lanaee says:

I just made this today for Christmas it was yummy I added some beyond spicy sausage after I browned it and I didn’t have any beer so I left that out but very good will make again

Rich CommaRichy says:

He didn’t like it

optiKalismo says:

this looks great!!!! one thing tho, the gumbo file should be used in the gumbo during the cooking process. It's used to help flavor and thicken the gumbo throughout…not to be eaten on top of food as a raw seasoning or condiment

Terri Carroll says:

You answered my question about the vegan gumbo when you said you would add the shrimp, lol. I like a lot of vegan dishes, but I don't know if gumbo is something I want veganized, but I would be open to tasting some. Thanx for sharing!

Sidology1.0 says:

I've never seen mushrooms in gumbo before! Very interesting definitely trying this whenever fall weather comes around

Claudia Ivy says:

looks delish

juana de la torre says:

Roses are red, violets are blue, your title is in spansish, why arent you?

Butterflychaser says:

You have no idea how ecstatic I was to have found this!!! Thank you for a recipe that’ll feed the soul damn delicious lookin can’t wait to make!!!

AuthetnicEpicBoom! says:

You did your thang!


You be cooking your ass off!!!

Spain on a Fork says:

GO LYLE!!!! this gumbo looks amazing, love the use of beer and the portabella mushrooms….impressive recipe

livingwiththelyons2 says:

looks really good

bestbitesforever 💜 says:

I haven't had gumbo in so long, I could totally go for a bowl of that……after you add those shrimp in lol 🙂

CastIronSkilletKitchen says:

Great looking gumbo but i gotta throw some meat on that lol atleast shrimp lol!

4 Seasons BBQ says:

I'm sorry my friend I could not even watch this. No meat, no watch. I'm not a rabbit. I'll be back on your next meat video. Don't worry, still love ya. Keep up the great work my friend

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